I went to a job interview and totally forgot to wear my trousers – it's like a nightmare come true | The Sun

FROM having a mind black to turning up late, we've all had nightmares when it comes to job interviews.

But one woman really has taken the biscuit…after realising that she turned up at a modelling casting without any trousers on.

In a clip shared to TikTok (@jordan.rand), fashion fan Jordan explains: "I just wanted to tell you guys in case you thought you were having a bad day.

"I just got back from a modelling casting and I realised….I didn't put on any trousers."

Jordan then shows off her outfit, which consists of a white shirt, round neck jumper and pair of tights.

"These are thick tights, they felt like trousers, I put them on, I've got this long shirt situation happening and I thought I was fine," she explains.



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She then goes on to explain that after arriving at the job interview, she was asked to try on an outfit.

It was only when she took the clothes off and put her ones back on that she looked around for her shorts – only to realise they must've still been at home.


" I was looking around like, 'where are my shorts?' she says.

"I didn't put on the shorts…I completely forgot.

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"I got home…found the shorts."

She continues: "I went out into NY dressed like this – so, you're welcome!"

Jordan captioned the post: “'Oops' seems wildly underrated #oops."

It wasn't long before the post went viral, garnering an impressive 3.3 million views and several comments from very amused social media users.

"It's NYC, they probably thought it was a fashion choice and not a mistake," reassured one.

A second penned: "Bad dream actually happens."

Jordan replied: "It’s actually happened!"

A third asked: "Did you at least get the job?"

Jordan responded: "I don’t know yet, I just got back. Will find out later today. I’m gonna guess…no!"

Meanwhile, a fourth noted : "Damn!! That reminds me of those first-day-of-school-no-pants-on dreams."

Jordan replied: "That’s exactly what is was! But it wasn’t a nightmare it was reality!"

Elsewhere, others shared their own amusing clothing fail stories.

"I once walked to work with my skirt tucked into the back of my tights, so I feel ya," comforted one.

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Another penned: "I was wearing a dress that without a lining you could see everything inside. the lining tucked in my underwear and i dint know. no 1 told me."

A further added: "I once went into work with 2 different shoes.. At least they were both black so lady you take the trophy."

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