I went to Asda to buy clothes for my children – I was shocked to see the girls' shoe section compared to the boys | The Sun

A MUM has shared her frustration that she can never find nice shoes to buy for her son – while the girls’ selection always has lots of lovely designs to choose from. 

Full time working mum Sophie, who can be found on TikTok at @boymom4eva1, took to social media after she left another shopping trip empty handed. 

Sophie recorded herself walking the shoe aisle in a branch of Asda, as she told her followers: “Currently in Asda.”

She then panned the camera around to show the vast variety of girls' shoes on offer – from pink wellies to cute little trainers. 

The mum continued: “Look at all of this for girls. All the way to here – wow look at the selection. Amazing”

However, she then cut to show the drastic difference when it comes to what she can buy for a little boy and how there were only two basic designs hanging on the shelves. 

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Sophie then said: “This is the boys’ – we’ve got this and them. That’s it.”

She then added: “You know what, it’s really starting to p*** me off.”

And it seems other mums and dads are also finding the problem in Asda and a string of other stores. 

They took to Sophie’s post to vent their own thoughts, saying they’d been in exactly the same position. 

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One wrote: “Mum of two boys here… I felt your pain. Little bird at next are cute.”

A second said: “So bored of it now, I have a little boy and the amount of choice is just shocking.”

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While a third chimed in: “It’s not just shoes, every boys section is tiny in comparison to the girls.”

As a fourth echoed everyone else’s thoughts with their comment: “It drives me absolutely INSANE.”

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