I’m a cleaning pro – 3 ways to clean smarter not harder, including how to make your toilet wash itself | The Sun

NO one wants to feel like they’re doing more cleanup jobs around the house than necessary.

If it’s possible to maintain a tidy home in an effortless way, most people would be interested to learn how – especially if it means getting your toilet to clean itself.

TikToker and cleaning expert Carolina Macauley posted a video with some of the cleaning hacks she relies on.

According to her, less is more in the world of tidying and organization.

The caption on her video says: “If you ever heard the expression 'work smarter not harder,' well the same goes for cleaning!"

Her first tip is to use toilet paper rolls in conjunction with your vacuum cleaner.

If you attach a toilet paper roll to the tip of your vacuum, it’s instantly perfect for sucking the dirt and crumbs out of your sliding door tracks.

Her second tip is to use drain covers in the shower.

A lot of people think drain covers are best used in a kitchen sink, but they also come in handy in the bathroom.

The reason why is that they’re ideal when it comes to capturing loose hair that might fall out during the shampoo and conditioning process.

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Carolina’s next tip is to mix baking soda with citric acid and water.

Drop the blended recipe into ice cube trays to create square-shaped tablets.

Let the ingredients dry up together overnight before you throw them into your toilet.

Once they’re ready to be used, you can toss them into the bowl to be utilized as instant toilet cleaning bombs.

Carolina's video has been met with an abundance of positive feedback.

One person wrote: "The first tip is blowing my mind!"

“Thank you for showing ways to clean without using chemicals in plastic bottles," another user commented.

Another person added: “Girl, you are so smart. Well done!"

“Love these cleaning hacks!" someone else excitedly posted.

Another TikToker added: “Thank you for sharing, I absolutely love your content."

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