I’m a country mom who loves hunting and fishing – I never wear a bra, people say it’s ‘cringe’ & I’m ‘guilty’ as charged | The Sun

A COUNTRY mom with a love for the outdoors has shared online how she prefers not to wear bras.

She divulged that some people find the decision "cringe," but she's "guilty" as charged for the personal choice.

TikTok user Cam (@camcutiexo) is a certified country girl with a love for hunting and fishing.

The attractive young mother is proud of her assets and has no problem showing them off.

In a TikTok video, she admitted that she's the type of mom who doesn't like to wear bras at all.

She kept it short and sweet as she explained to viewers that she was "guilty" for the action.

For the duration of the video, the content creator filmed herself in the mirror.

The blonde wore a stylish blue halter crop top that showed off her chest.

It was hard to believe that she was not wearing a bra considering how supported and lifted her bosom looked.

"Girl who never wears bras," the subtitle at the bottom of the screen read.

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The background audio provided a subtle reaction to the statement.

"Ew. This is so cringe," she mouthed along. "Guilty."

Upon the word guilty, the busty beauty slammed her hand down on the desktop.

It is apparent that the TikTok user has no plans on wearing bras anytime soon and lives her life how she wants.

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