I’m a crunchy mum & ban people from washing their hands before they touch my baby – he needs all the bacteria he can get

A MUM has revealed how she bans people from washing their hands before they touch her baby as he “needs all the bacteria he can get.”

TikTok user @comingupfern uploaded a video explaining her point of view, and it has racked up over 400,000 likes.

She said she specifically tells people to avoid getting rid of germs before holding her youngster. 

But despite this, she said they wash their hands anyway, which annoys her as she said her “bebe needs all the bacteria he can get.”

The 22-year-old calls herself a “crunchy mum”, and also a “vegan freebirth vbac mama.”

According to Kidspot.au: “Crunchy mums usually choose the natural option instead of the mass-produced or medicated one. 

“So that’s a natural (drug-free) home birth, placenta encapsulating, breastfeeding (not just for the 6 month recommended WHO minimum, but until the child weans themselves), anti-vaccination, anti-circumcision, baby-wearing, co-sleeping, bed sharing, cloth nappies or elimination communication, attachment parenting, natural medicine, organic eating, and (sometimes) homeschooling or unschooling.”

Many people were torn in the comments of her video.

One praised her point of view, and said: “A baby with a strong immune system will fight off a virus more effectively than a baby with a weaker immune system.”

However one said: “People poo and don’t wash their hands after.”

Another added: “Pls don’t let people kiss your baby.”

When should I wash my hands?

You should make regular and thorough hand
washing part of your daily routine, especially:

• Before eating or handling food
• After using the toilet
• After blowing your nose, coughing
or sneezing
• After touching animals or animal waste
• After handling rubbish
• After changing a nappy
• Before and after touching a sick or
injured person
• Before and after visiting a hospital ward
(remember alcohol-based hand rubs are
also provided)

Source: NHS

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