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LATHERING on sunscreen is always a good idea, but if you do get burned there's a soothing home remedy recommended by experts.

If your skin is starting to sting after a long day in the sun and there's no aloe vera in sight, this kitchen essential can help.

As temperatures soar across North America, reaching over 100F in some states, sunburn treatment has become a popular topic once again.

While you may associate aloe vera as the main remedy for your red skin, there is another option.

Dr Erin Gilbert from Tech Insider recommends using milk to soothe your sunburns.

"You can put cold washcloths in your refrigerator, soaked in milk, and you can apply those to the areas where you have the sunburn," she said in a YouTube video.

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She continued: "The cooling effect takes some of the heat out of the sunburn."

The dermatologist went into detail about the benefits of soaking your washcloth in milk rather than just water.

"The milk actually contains lactic acid which is one of the reasons why Cleopatra used it in her baths which made her look very gorgeous," Dr Gilbert explained.

"This actually will take off some of the top layers of skin so if you've got blistering it actually can make it look better and heal faster," she concluded.

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YouTube viewers were impressed with the easy sunburn hack. One user said: "I went to the beach yesterday and got a sunburn, so yeah, I'm here watching this masterpiece."

"This video just helped me so much. I just got like tomato red burnt," commented another viewer.

Another user said: "Okay, I'm going to do the milk thing, and do it every day."

"I’m gonna go wash my body in milk now," said one burned viewer.

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