I’m a dog expert & there are three large dog breeds I would recommend as pets – including ‘the golden child of dogs’ | The Sun

A DOG EXPERT has revealed the three large dog breeds that make the perfect addition to the family.

The dog trainer, known as americanstandardk9 on TikTok regularly shares advice on all things pooch related.

In one such video, the dog expert revealed the three large dog breeds that make the perfect pets for families – and one is the total golden child of America.

The first dog on the list was the Labrador Retriever, "Everybody knows that's America's golden child," when it comes to dogs he explained.

The Golden Retriever comes close, but because of their high energy, a Labrador is better suited to a family.

He added: "Problem with golden retrievers, they have too much extra energy.


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"As long as you get a Labrador retriever that's more of a pet grade and not a working, greater hunting type of Labrador, they will make an amazing family pet."

The second dog breed on the list was the German Shepherd, but the dog trainer warned you have to make sure it comes from a specific line of breed.

He said: "German Shepherds come in different varieties.

"You may want to stay away from the working line ones, and you want to definitely stay away from those inbred ones.

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"But if you get a good one, there's nothing better than a well trained, well bred German Shepherd."

Finally, the dog expert revealed the Rottweiler was another great large breed of dog to own as a pet.

Although it may come as a surprise due to their intimidating look, Rottweilers are pure angels at heart and are perfect for families.

The dog expert explained: "Big dogs, very intimidating, but they are amazing with families.

"We've had the opportunity to train more than a handful of them and we love that breed."

The video has since gone viral with over 240k views and over 16,000 likes.

People quickly took to the comments section of the video to share their thoughts.

One wrote: "Rottweiler all the way. When they grow up around kids, they protect kids like crazy. Even though I am not the oldest in the family, she only listens to me."

Another person commented: "Can confirm about the German shepherd got one and she’s the best dog ever."

"Rottie all the way, I got one, best family dog"," penned a third.

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "Yup I have the German Shepherd beautiful line and energy low she is the best."

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"Rottweiler mom here and they are amazing," claimed a fifth.

Another wrote: "Only downside of the rottie is the lack of space awareness. They will knock over toddlers in their effort to love them."

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