I'm a mum-of-7 with a stockpile worth £23K – I have a padlocked room for snacks & my condiments stash is taller than me

A mum-of-seven has revealed how she has a stockpile worth over £23,000 – and even has a padlocked room dedicated to sweet snacks.

Appearing on TLC's Extreme Couponing, April, who is 38 and from Pennsylvania, revealed how she leads a regiment of couponers.

"People call me the coupon General because I basically take care of a small troop of people," she says. "I tend to be a little militant."

The stay-at-home mum, who lives with husband Rick, is raising seven teenagers, meaning that couponing isn't just a hobby, it's a necessity.

And in less than a year-and-a-half, she's amassed an impressive stockpile worth more than £23,000 ($30,000).

"People who have not been in the basement before – usually their first words are 'oh my gosh,'" April says.


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Taking viewers on a tour, she begins: "Welcome to the bunker."

"I have everything set up like a grocery store so that I'm familiar because I'm there all the time."

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You have breakfast, condiments, canned goods, baked goods…and then my freezer. These are all pennies or dollars, or if not completely and totally free."

Over here I have bodywash and shampoos so everyone can always smell good."

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But my best, favourite deals are my hand soaps- not only were the soaps free, but I also made money."

However, April is keen to make clear the difference between stockpilers and hoarders.

"Hoarders have dust on their stockpiles," she explains. "I do not have dust on my stockpile."

"I am a couponer, there is a fine line and dust is a dividing factor."

While April has 200 bottles of BBQ sauce, 500 bottles of pasta sauce and a two year supply of washing powder, the section she is most proud of is the one that she keeps under lock and key – which is known as they "cookie jar."

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"My cookie jar is too large to fit on a shelf, a counter…my cookie jar is an entire room," she says.

"Anything you could possibly want for that sweet, midnight snack – candies and chocolates, potato chips, lots of pop, is found in this room."

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