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ORDERING clothes online can often be a bit of a task – after all, there’s thousands of items to search through and how do you know if it will fit, let alone look good on you.

One woman, 24-year-old Lille, known on TikTok as @princesslille, recently took to the video sharing platform to show off her epic Asos shopping haul.

But Lille was left with mixed feelings about her new plus-size clothes – while she found the best jeans she had ever seen, many of it either didn’t fit or she wasn’t comfortable in.

She explained that one playsuit even gave her a massive “wedgie” and that she would be sending lots of it back. 

Lille took to the video sharing platform to show off her size 18/20 haul.

Firstly, Lille tried on a pair of beige flared jeans.

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She said that the jeans were from Collusion and were a size 20, but they were “too tight” and so she would be returning them. 

The next item that Lille tried on was a black sleeveless sweater vest.

Also from Collusion, the vest was a size 18, but Lille wasn’t impressed as it “fit weird”, and so she explained that she would be returning this too. 

Lille also ordered a pair of brown trousers, but was equally as unimpressed.

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The size 20 trousers were from Asos Design, but Lille was “unsure” if she would be keeping them or not, as they were “baggy” on her private parts.

She also tried on a long-sleeve top that she had ordered from Collusion through Asos, in a size 18.

The top was another one Lille would be adding to the return pile, as she said it was “tight” on her arms.

However, Lille was very impressed with a pair of size 18 trousers that she got from New Look.

She described them as “so sexy” and said she would be keeping them.

But Lille was left unimpressed again with a size 18 white cut-out top that she got from AsYou.

She said she was “unsure” about the top as it was a “bit see through.” 

Another item that Lille was “unsure” about was a size 20 playsuit from Collusion.

She said it was “very cute” but she couldn’t decide whether to keep it or send it back.

However, things were looking up when Lille modelled a pair of size 20 jeans from River Island.

She said she was “in love” and that the blue flared jeans were “so comfy.” 

But things quickly went downhill again, with a size 18 jumper from Noisy May, which Lille confirmed she would be returning.

She wasn’t sure if the jumper “suited her” and so decided to send it back.

Another item that Lille was going to send back was an Asos Design size 18 playsuit.

She said it gave her a “fat wedgie” and that it “doesn’t fit.”

But luckily, Lille was able to get herself a lovely pair of black trousers from Simply Be.

She explained that the size 18 trousers were her “fave” and not only were they comfy, but they had pockets too.

A black halterneck top from Collusion left Lille frustrated again, as she claimed “my t*t will fall out, don’t trust”, as she confirmed that she would be returning it.

But she did decide to keep an Asos Design size 18 black and white dress, which she said was “so wavy and flattering.” 

Luckily for this fashion fan, things looked up again with her last two items – a pair of jeans and a black top.

As she tried on the black flare jeans, she said they were the “best jeans ever”.

When modelling the size 18 black cut-out top, she described it as “so so sexy” and said that she “loved” it and would certainly be keeping it.

Lille’s video has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly racked up 18.6k views, 1,006 likes and 63 comments.

One person said: “Omg I love the wavy black and white dress on you! Gorgeous.”

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Another added: “I struggle so much with jeans!! I liked the trousers you chose to keep though.” 

A third commented: “Omg such a fab haul!!”

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