I’m a strict parent & people don't get my rules – I don’t allow sleepovers & if they won't eat my food they don't eat

SOME PEOPLE may think they are strict when it comes to parenting – but just how stern are you? 

One woman has taken to TikTok to share her strict parenting style and many have been left shocked.

Tara Huck, a mum of two, has over 620k followers and 10.8m likes on TikTok. 

Tara shared her “unpopular parenting opinions” and racked up 1.5m views on her video. 

Tara has three rules when it comes to what her children can and can’t do.

She said: “I don’t allow sleepovers.

“As long as school and chores are done, I don’t limit screen time.

“If they don’t eat what I make, they don’t eat.”

Many TikTok users couldn’t understand Tara’s style of parenting and were particularly shocked that she didn’t allow sleepovers.

One person said: “Kids deserve sleepovers. My bf said he missed out on a lot as a child because he didn't get to have sleepovers.” 

Another added: “No sleepovers? Yikes. Those are some of my favourite childhood memories!” 

One user asked Tara “Did something happen or has this always been your decision? Just curious” to which Tara said “This is another question that has been asked a couple times, it has also been implied by other people that I must have had something terrible happen to me which is why I made the decision that I did – no. 

“I was very fortunate as a child, my parents were not really strict, I had sleepovers when I was a kid, so nothing happened to me.

“Something doesn’t have to happen to you, in order for you to make a parenting choice, I don't think.

“I think you take what the world is like and you take all of the information that is given to you and you make the best choice for you and your family, but no, nothing ever happened to me.

“This is just a choice I’ve made based on things I’ve heard, things I’ve seen, people I've talked to, friends in different professions and honestly to me, as a mym, it makes the most sense, and I’m ok with that.

“It’s a personal preference and an added layer to keep my kids safe.

“Nothing happened to me but it’s a choice I made as a mum based on the information that I have.” 

Tara explained that not having sleepovers doesn’t bother her children as they have “never known anything else.”

She said: “It's not like I started having sleepovers and then decided not to – not to say you can’t change your mind like that as a parent.

“My kids have never known anything else.

“My kids, if asked, know that it is just a no, we just don’t do sleepovers.

“Again, they can play date, they can go visit, they can hang out.”

One person asked Tara “Is there an age that you will allow them to do sleepovers?” to which she explained: “I keep saying never say never, I will never say that they will never be able to sleep at someone’s house.

“As of right now, the answer is no. 

“As of right now, I do not see any reason why they should have to sleep over at someone else’s house.

“Now, can they go and as they get older and as they are teenagers they want to stay until midnight, because they’re hanging out, they’re watching movies, they’re having a good time?

“Sure – trusted families houses, sure.

“But I will pick them up to sleep.

“The only thing they are missing at that point is sleep.

“They can sleep in their own beds. 

“So, again, never say never, but as of right now, the answer is no.”

“We do play dates, usually I’m there with them, no matter where they go.

“We have two families houses that they are allowed to go to, just themselves, as I know that those families are as strict as me, if not stricter. 

“So they are allowed to have play dates and 100% can have play dates over there, but I still do not allow other people’s kids to sleep over here. 

“If you look back at a couple videos, I talk about how quickly something can ruin your lives, and I’m just not willing to do it.

“So yes they have play dates, they have actually a very, very busy schedule as children in terms of cplay dates and friends.

“Usually we are very strict, and we are with them.

“So if they are at someone’s else’s house, we either know the parents, or I am there with them.” 

“They will go to parties, they will have a good time, they just can’t physically sleep at somebody’s house.” 

“All this means is, is that as a mum, I have researched, read, talked to, listened to professionals and actually if you scroll through a lot of the comments, there are professionals sprinkled in there, police officers, social workers, psychologists that all say that sleepovers is one of the leading places that things like sexual assault happens.

“And it’s usually after people have gone to bed for the evening, the horror stories of kids waking up to something – all I’m trying to do as a mum is take away one small factor that may keep my kids safer.

“The world is what it is, the world is a sh*t place.

“They go places, they have social lives, they have friends, they do stuff they play sports.

“All I’m doing is taking away one, very small factor, to hopefully lesen the possibility or probability of that happening to them – that’s all.” 


Although there were many TikTok users that disagreed with Tara’s parenting, there were many that agreed with her rules. 

One person said: “I agree!! We need to normalize this.” 

Another added: “And that’s called good parenting. My mom did the same thing and I will do the same thing.”

A third commented: “We are the same, I cannot trust random people. My kids are only allowed at very close friends/family and vice versa.” 

Another said: “We have these same rules! Another reason I don’t host sleepovers is I am not a fan of most children.”

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