I’m a sugar mama and pay my man an allowance of £15k to do anything I want – including cleaning my pool

A WOMAN has revealed she is a proud “sugar mama” and claims she gives her guy an allowance of £15,000 to do “anything she wants”. 

TikTok user Julie, 44, uploaded a video she gets from people about her arrangement with her man, who is 15 years younger than her. 

Julie, who posts under @julie.withthebooty, first of all answered the question about whether or not she buys things for her younger chap. 

She answered: “Yes, anything he wants.”

People had then questioned what he has to do in return, and Julie said: “Anything I want.”

When followers wondered how much she pays him, she light-heartedly claimed: “Yes, it’s 15k a month but I lowered it this month as he forgot to clean the pool.”

Julie admitted people are fascinated by their age gap, and regularly gets asked if she worries her 29-year-old man will leave her for someone younger. 


She joked: “Shouldn’t he be more worried about me doing that?”

And when they are together, her chap often gets mistaken for being her son. 

Julie didn’t seem bothered by any comments however, and said: “I guess he could be.”

She added that she prefers younger men as they can keep up with her. 

Many people seemed intrigued by their set-up, with one person saying: “I’ll duel that man for his spot.”

Another added: “It hurts to see someone else living your dream.”

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