I’m a teacher & my ‘inappropriate outfits’ are dividing opinion but I don’t care – even my students tell me I look great | The Sun

A TIKTOKER schoolteacher says she's been trolled over her choice of outfits in the classroom.

The special needs miss hit back at "Karens" who bombard her with abuse complaining her clothes are "inappropriate".

Using the TikTok name HeyMissTeacher, she shares regular videos from the classroom of her middle school in the US and has clocked up 635,000 followers.

Some posts are in response to questions from her many admirers who ask to see her latest outfits.

She also posts videos to hit back at criticism – including bizarre complaints that her trousers are too "stretchy" for children to see.

In one video she poses in a new pair, saying: "I've been told on TikTok my stretchy pants are inappropriate to wear when teaching.

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"So I got professional non-stretchy pants.

"Are people going to get mad at these pants too? Because I swear ? some of y’all don’t want peace ??"

Another video shows her in a looser pair, following on from a comment by a follower who defended her from trolls.

The user said: "Yall want her to have baggier clothes but if she wears baggier clothes, all of sudden she doesn't look professional and looks sloppy, like pick one."

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HeyMissTeacher added: "THIS ?? plus either way, my body is still there and it has the shape it has. Feeling the support in the comment section of the og video ?❤️"

In another vid she reveals how she responds differently to compliments from boys and girls.

She said: "Yes, my students sometimes say I look nice. No, they don’t say anything inappropriate. Yes, I think it’s sweet."

The teacher also posts videos of her life outside school, posing in a sexy Halloween costume, beach swimwear and gym kit – which sparked ire from some online.

In one vid she hit back: "Looking for a dimension where Karens don't try to police off the clock teachers.

"Like…you DO KNOW there aren’t enough of us to go around as is.

"As long as a teacher is good at their job and is professional at work you shouldn’t care if they go to clubs, take gym pics, curse, or drink after school. Teachers are adults."

Last month we another teacher hit back at critics who claim her outfits are inappropriate.

Tiktoker Victoria, who teaches biology at a secondary school in Fife, Scotland, said her bosses are "very relaxed" about her choice of clothes.

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