I’m plus size & did a dress haul… I knew it wouldn't work out from the off, one made me look like a Shrek character | The Sun

A MAKEUP fan has shared a plus size formal dress haul but it didn’t go as planned.

Hannah said in a video online she needed something formal to wear to a work event. 

”So I'm going to a gala, with work at the end of the month, so let's do a try on haul for some plus size formal dresses, I do have a gut feeling that this is not gonna work out.” 

Hannah was surprised that despite many stores having sales she still struggled to find dresses, she believed this was because she was plus size.

“It's sale season this should be great like, loads of options? Wrong. Especially in plus size.

Hannah started her haul off with a red dress from Very, size 20.

“So this is a 22 it’s from Very, I’m very sure it’s gonna be the wrong size because that’s not the size I wear but I’m trying it.”

“So obviously this is the wrong bra, but I’m really upset about this one. Look how nice the colour is, it’s got a fun little slit. However it does have like a safety skirt which you can just see."

“I can get it on without touching the zip to the back which means it’s way too big and what is this? Is this a bib? [the front of the dress.] There’s storage in here why? Potential but no.” 

Hannah confessed she wanted to try some red dressed to match her hair but feared she made a huge mistake. 

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“I haven't worn a lot of red since I dyed my hair red. So I wanted to try reds but I’m worries this is gonna give very much fairy godmother from Shrek.”

Next Hannah tried a red dress from Simply Be in a size 20.

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"From a distance in the dark, it looks really good. But the closer you get, the more costume-y it looks. There’s a strange ruching around here [the chest area]. The slits in a weird place." 

Next Hannah tried on a green dress from Quiz in size 18 

She said: “I either do not fit in Quiz or I have great success with Quiz. So I’m not sure.”

“I really love a Bardot dress, this one I’m gonna keep as a backup just because it cute. But I’m not sure if it’s giving black tie. I don't know if it’s too casual. It’s got a little sparkle to it. I really love the green on me. I like the sleeves.”

Hannah concluded she would need to continue her search. 

“Let’s keep trying, I’m gonna have to go shopping again aren't I?”

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Hannah’s video gained over 51,000 views. 

Two of the dressed really stood out to her viewers, the first red one from Very and the green Bardot dress from Quiz

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