I'm plus-size – people should stop calling me brave when I exercise in just a bra, it's normal | The Sun

A WOMAN at ease with her plus-size shape has urged others to chill out and accept her just the way she is.

She has had enough of others giving her hero status just because she wears what the rest of us wear.

Swipe Fat (@swipefat) said her skinnier sisters would never be considered gutsy for wearing conventional workout gear.

But as a plus-size woman, she is.

In a bid to normalize her body shape in a video to her TikTok, she said: “Stop calling me brave for doing normal things.”

In it, she wore a two-piece, black and white patterned gym set of sports trousers and a sports bra.

Nothing out of the ordinary, but this content producer has had to endure the opinions of others when she goes to the gym.

So, in the video, she attempted to point out what was normal.

Poking her belly, she said, “This is normal.”

Then she pointed out her underarm flabby bits, “This is normal.”

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As for the unmentionables, she claimed those too: “Stretch marks: normal, normal, normal," she declared.

Should anyone still be unclear, she rammed her point home: “Stop calling me brave when I exercise in just a bra. This is normal.”

“It’s like I’m brave wearing clothes," she said incredulously.

Many of her 64,000 followers found her post instantly relatable.

One fan said: “When you pointed to your stretch marks I screamed.”

Another follower shared comments she has had to face: “My personal fave is the 'I wish I could have your confidence,’ or 'I didn’t know workout clothes went up to size 20.'"

But the final comment could only see the positives: “Okay but the real talk is your body is hot hot hot," she said.

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