I’ve been reversing my wrinkles without Botox or injections and now I look 10 years younger | The Sun

A BEAUTY fan has shared how she reversed signs of ageing without Botox or mainstream skincare.

The 50 year old revealed she believed most generic skincare products are a waste of money and people should be eating the vitamins they need for youthful skin.

In a TikTok video online she said: “Four ways I took my wrinkles from the top to the bottom, no TikTok fads, no tretinoin, no medicube, no filler botox, mainstream skincare products, no face yoga or fascia exercises.”

Amy said she started out by eating her vitamins, she has been including vegetables like peppers, carrots, broccoli and avocado in her diet.

She said: “Here's what I did: number one I ate my vitamin A and C. There's no conclusive medical evidence that vitamin C serum actually helps your face, you're wasting your money.

“Here are two more we're just missing a sweet potato today.”

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Next Amy said she’s been using jojoba oil to get rid of the wrinkles around her eyes.

She said: “I use one of these plant oils under my eyes, guess what it's not the castor oil that everybody's raving about, it's jojoba oil.”

“Why? Because it's closest to the sebum that your body produces and your skin and scalp and it ranks number one in absorbable oils into your skin, castor oil isn't even on the top six three.”

Amy said she’s also been testing out dry needling. This is a technique that uses needles in the trigger points in your face to stimulate facial muscles.

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The beauty fan said: “I've been getting dry needling on my face which stimulates collagen production naturally, it's similar to acupuncture but it's different than micro needling.”

In her video online Amy doesn't look close to being in her 50’s.


She said: “I'm not wearing a single drop of foundation or anything on my face except for jojoba oil and I actually took off the touch-up feature just to prove to you the remarkable results from all of this.”

Her final tip is to cut all caffeine out of your diet.

Amy said: “The last one which is a shocker even to me, I completely eliminated caffeine from my life.”

“First I switched from coffee to matcha but I still had that dry crinkly skin under my eyes and dark circles so I started researching the effects of caffeine on both your skin and hair loss.”

Amy’s video racked up over 500,000 views online and people were stunned after learning her real age.

One user said: “You look 20 with grey hair I'm so confused.”

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Another said: “You’re skin looks really good.”

“You look absolutely amazing,” said a third.

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