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FOR many of us, the nineties and noughties may not seem that long ago, and we still vividly remember the CD albums, skirts over trousers and dial-up internet.

However, everything comes back into fashion at some point, and we have to face up to the fact it's a good thirty years since the beginning of that era.

Which means many of the trends and fashions from that time are now becoming 'vintage', and many of the items you used to own that you would probably now deem worthless could actually be sold for a lot more than you'd think.

Former vintage shop owner Kate Beavis has made hundreds selling old bits and bobs for a profit, and advises checking your attic for some of the highly-sought after '90s and '00s items.

Fashion forward

Even the clothes you used to wear and now shudder thinking about could make you a tidy profit.

Kate says: "While the 90s have been in fashion for some time now, fashion from the year 2000, also known as Y2K, is also back with a bang.


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"Think low rise jeans, asymmetric and handkerchief hemlines, boho belts and the small baguette bags that Carrie Bradshaw wore in Sex and the City.

"Things to look out for include Dior saddle bags and Fendi baguette bags.

"Designers are re-issuing these designs bringing up the prices for the originals so keep your eyes out for new launches

"It's not just the designers versions that are making a comeback either – high street dupes are still selling too.

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"For example, I sold an Accessorize Y2K baguette bag for £35 recently.

"While this isn't a huge amount of money, it is much more than I could have sold it for a few years ago!

"If you have anything that might be worth something, the best places to sell are Vinted or Depop.

"Designer items sell well on Vestaire."

Happy days

Even items that cost barely anything at the time could now be worth something – including those free toys you'd get in your McDonald's kids meal.

Kate says: "The late '90s Snoopy collection has sold for £218 before.

"Full sets of even recent collections of Happy Meal toys are selling for hundreds.

"Recent collections still hold value too – the 2021 Sing 2 collection sold for £105 for example."

Childhood toys

The old toys you had that are probably still stored somewhere at your parents house are also worth a sort through.

Kate says: "Polly Pocket sets (with Polly) can sell for £500 – but these are the rarer ones."

The pocket-sized '90s favourites are now worth a small fortune on eBay – with some even selling for as much as £8k.

The pocket-sized dolls originated at the end of the 1980s and became seriously popular amongst kids growing up in the 90s.

Also among the things that are selling well are retro boardgames.

Kate says: "We sold the Pac-Man game – the early '90s edition – for £35 recently, and the Pokemon Master Trainer game for £50."


Late '90s and early 00s vinyl, especially by bands that are still loved today, can also be worth a few bob.

Kate says: "Vinyl was actually unpopular at the time, as we all bought CDs and even mini discs, so not that many artists released vinyl -making them rarer.

"In fact, people believe that their Beatles records have more value, but they don't as they were made in the millions.

"For example, original Oasis records can reach £80-£100.

"I have a Duran Duran 1993 record that was made in a low quantity that is valued at over £400 – it's all about how many were made."


Kate says: "Homewares aren't quite as popular from this era yet but they soon will be – my 15 year old son's new bedroom looks like my student house in the early 90s!

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"The late '90s saw a comeback for the 1960's thanks to Austin Powers so lava lamps and inflatable chairs are also returning – but the original 60s versions are still worth more.

"Nineties Swatch giant wall watch clocks can be sold for up to £350, and their Twin phones are popular too, with a recent one selling for £50."

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