Libra horoscope: What your star sign has in store for May 2 – 8


SEPT 23 – OCT 23

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There’s an undercurrent of ambition in your chart that’s so exciting – and what feels like time off can actually be your best goal-setting moments.

So listen to what your deepest self is telling you. If you’re in love, Venus takes feelings even deeper, and so many doubts can go.

If you’re still looking, your perfect new match has a passion for trying new things.

DESTINY DAYS: Initial “W” and Wednesday make a red-hot mix. If travel plans feel stuck, go back to scratch on Saturday.

LUCKY LINKS: A song with some food in its title. A door or gate decorated with bright-coloured flags. Numbers that have at least one “9”.

LIBRA PLUTO POWER: As the bringer of change travels in reverse, you are ready to look at your homelife and work out where you can make changes.

Yes, recent times may have held you back, or kept you in a place you haven’t felt quite fits.

But life is opening up to you now, and you are ready to create the home you really need, rather than settle for what you can have.

Letter “D” is a strong luck indicator, and so is a man with very intense eyes.

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