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THE Married at First Sight stars certainly grab attention with their explosive dramas, but their jaw-dropping outfits also cause a stir.

Erica Roberts, who stars on the current season of the show, revealed who decides what the glam stars wear for dinner parties and how much they were allowed to pack.

A fan of the E4 show asked Erica – who is currently “married” to Jordan Gayle – asked her: “Do you get given outfits for the dinner parties or are they all your own clothes?

“Everyone has such 10/10 outfits all the time.”

The MAFS star replied in a TikTok video on her @ericarobertss account giving behind-the-scenes secrets from the hit dating show.

Dance teacher Erica, 25, said: “All the clothes you see us wear our own clothes.

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“This is probably one of the most stressful things before going on the process.

“I actually forgot that I was marrying a stranger because I was stressing more about how many outfits could I bring, and what I needed to pack.”

Erica shared how she took a whopping six suitcases full of glamorous outfits for the filming of the show – and this broke the rules.

She continued: “We were only meant to be allowed three, but I’m an overpacker.

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“We didn’t know how long we were going to be away for, it was a lot.”

Erica has had her fair share of controversy since appearing as a latecomer “bombshell” on Married at First Sight, and had an explosive clash with fellow contestant Tasha when she arrived.

And recently, Jordan was photographed in a taxi with an unknown blonde, sparking speculation that he may have been unfaithful.

While Erica has kept resolutely quiet on the question everyone wants to know – whether she and Jordan are still together – she has answered some other queries, such as how much she had to spend on her stunning wedding dress.

"So we don't pay for any of the wedding or really have anything to do with the wedding, to be honest," she said.

"You get £1,200 for your wedding dress, but that also has to include, like, your veil, your accessories, your bridesmaids dresses, shoes.

"It really doesn't stretch that far.

"We also don't see the venue at all, until we're literally there.

"So you have no idea where you're getting married, until you're getting married."

Erica revealed that before the wedding she did get to fill out a "questionnaire thing" which asked her what colour scheme, flowers and favours she wanted.

"And every single thing that I asked for, I didn't get," she said.

Erica also opened up about her and Jordan's honeymoon, when they travelled to Antigua.

"We have no idea where we're going on our honeymoons," she said.

"Obviously we get told beforehand,like, what you have to pack.

"And then you find out where you're going on the way to the airport.

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"Really exciting!"

In another Q&A video on TikTok, Erica revealed other morsels about the show, such as that the food at their infamous dinner parties is "stone cold".

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