Meghan Markle ‘upgraded’ her style as a Duchess but is a ‘free spirit’ in the US

Today, August 4, marks Meghan Markle’s 42nd birthday and approximately seven years since she was first linked to Prince Harry.

During this time the Duchess of Sussex moved to London, married into the Royal Family, welcomed two children, and returned back to home soil in California, US.

While her role in the British monarchy has changed most significantly in this short time, so has her personal style. Of course, royal protocol and style “rules” have played a large part in the evolution of Meghan’s wardrobe, but according to style experts, there are other factors at play.

Speaking exclusively to, celebrity and royal fashion expert Miranda Holder (@TheMirandaHolder), said: “A great many aspects of Meghan’s life changed after she joined the Royal family, not least of which was her personal style.

“The Duchess’s understated, Californian-cool aesthetic was quickly traded for a more formal and sophisticated wardrobe, in keeping with her new heavyweight public role.”

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Miranda continued that Meghan’s style in the early days of her links to Prince Harry reflected her position almost literally when she opted for effortless looks over more polished styles. But this quickly changed when she gained a more central role in the Royal Family.

The royal expert claimed: “She swapped out denim cut-offs and relaxed linen shirts for block colour with heels and matching hats and bags.

“Even her ‘off duty’ looks became more carefully coordinated with well-curated, carefully chosen designer picks artfully mixed with more accessible high street pieces.

“The colour palette was given a tasteful overhaul and everything from her beloved separates to her athleisure wear was given a tasteful, yet reserved upgrade to comply with Royal style etiquette.”

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The regal influence on the Duchess of Sussex’s wardrobe stemmed from many key players, including long-time royal Kate, Princess of Wales, and of course, the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Miranda explained that the former monarch “set the bar high” for many royal style protocols and was “famously fastidious about her own outfits”. She added: “The Queen personified exemplary refined personal style, sticking strictly to a fashion uniform of block colour and exquisite accessories, making her instantly recognisable wherever she was.

“There was no doubt that our late Queen set the clothing standard for others to follow, and both Kate and Meghan were very fortunate to honour her as their muse. It was reported that the Queen disliked espadrille sandals and requested that only nude or pale pink nail varnish should be worn for example, and Meghan complied with these guidelines, for the most part.”

However, the 42-year-old’s wardrobe underwent another major change shortly after she became a mother. The royal expert observed that despite her regal status, Meghan still experienced the same pressures as any other new parent when it came to her lookbook.

Miranda claimed: “There are certain practicalities to be considered, and being comfortable and practical is top of the list. The Duchess was seen more frequently in more casual outfits such as her beloved denim and oversized shirts but still transformed into the glamorous royal whenever required with elegant ensembles for royal occasions.

“There is a definite difference between ‘US Meghan’ and ‘UK Meghan’ and this reflects both the spirit and cultures of the individual countries as well as Meghan’s change of role.

“In America, Meghan is more able to fully embrace who she really is. She expresses herself in a more relaxed, natural, outdoorsy style which symbolises the free spirit of the West Coast.

“In the UK, the Duchess adapted by dressing more conservatively, which ties in with both our more traditional customs and the expectations of royalty.”

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