Model claims skincare line scarred her face so badly her career was ruined & she couldn’t leave the house

A MODEL claims that her career is ruined thanks to a Swiss skincare line which she alleges scarred her face after it caused severe acne.

Mariama Diallo – who won Miss Guinea, Miss West Africa and was a contestant in the Miss World pageant – claims she started using the Makari De Suisse products in January 2018 before breaking out so badly that she couldn't leave her house.

The 25-year-old Guinean native, who now lives in Manhattan, New York, has since filed a lawsuit against the brand's parent company Victoria A Int’l, LLC, for unspecified damages, because she claims she's barely been able to get work in the last three years because of how her face looks.

She reportedly told The Post that she contacted the company about the alleged blemishes soon after they appeared and she was sent a new product from the brand to correct the issue.

But the new product made her skin worse and made "dark scar spots" appear all over her face, according to the New York Post,and she very quickly stopped using the products altogether.

The model admitted that she only bought the products because she couldn’t find her preferred French brand in the US and thought a Swiss brand "would have reliable products".

Mariama – who has modeled for big names like Nike and Calvin Klein -claims her agent has been telling her that she needs to clear up her skin before she can apply for new job.

And added that she was so depressed she couldn't leave the house and didn't want anybody to look at her.

According to the publication, the court papers state: "Diallo has lost business as a result of the injuries caused to her by the defendant’s products and as well as potential profit; and her career as a top model has been shortened and she has been unable to apply for jobs as a result of the damages to her face."

In an exclusive interview with The Post, she claimed that she didn't even tell her mum about her skin condition and said: "I didn’t want her to see me like that. I distanced myself from everyone."

The lawsuit supposedly claims that she's also suffered "mental anguish" and "emotional distress" allegedly as a result of the product.

Desperate to get back to work, the model has been working with a dermatologist to reverse the damage made to her skin, which she says has helped to partially reduce her alleged scarring.

Admitting she's "in a rush" because she wants to "get back to work", Mariama said she plans to start chemical peels too, but they are pretty expensive.

But she hopes to get compensated for the years of work she's missed, which will no doubt cover the cost of her treatments.

Speaking to The Post, her lawyer Yoram Nachimovsky claimed:“Somebody at the top of her game could make millions of dollars. She should have been able to make a lot of money these past several years.”

Mariama is now concerned other women might be suffering at the hands of Makari, the Swiss Skincare line, and wants to "bring awareness to their products".

She added: "If they can do this to other people, they may need to revise their products."

Fabulous has reached out to Makari for comment.

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