Mum shares £1 ‘chub rub’ hack she swears by for beating horror thigh chaffing as the heatwave hits

BRITAIN is about to enter another heatwave and women across the country will be anticipating getting their best dress on.

But while we are happy the weather is now heating up, there is also a downside to it, and that would be sweat and thighs and the dreaded 'chub rub'.

One TikTok user mumlifewitherin has the perfect trick for combatting thigh rub and it only costs a quid.

The sweat from the heat and rubbing against your thighs can cause serious chafing, and most women suffer from it.

But don't fear, because Erin has a GAME CHANGING hack that will keep 'chub rub' at bay.

Erin said: "To all of my fellow thick thighed she's, he's and they's, let me put you onto something real quick."

She then shows the two products she uses to stop chaffing.

Erin shows the first product she uses to soothe her thighs in summer months, liquid talc that she bought from ASDA's baby range Little Angels.

She said: "I think it's 97 pence," online the product is listed at £1.20, so still a bargain purchase.

"I'm telling you Chaff no more!"

Erin then shows the next product she uses, Lushes Silky Underwear dusting powder, which works similarly to baby powder, but does not contain the ingredient talc.

Erin said: "You take a bit of this (the liquid talc) and rub it on both thighs up to the… bits.

"You then get this (Lush Silky Underwear) and put it on top.

"I'm telling you chaf no more!"

Erin also suggest bringing the liquid talc with you when you go out so you can top up during the day.

"These are the kind of life hacks I'm here for! THANK YOU."

She said she even uses it on her kids for when they are in school or when her daughters have dresses on.

Erin cheekily finishes the video: "Best combo! Also, Asda and Lush, if you want to send me these that's fine."

Users were blown away by her quick and easy hack and also asked if they really needed to buy the lush product.

One user said: "Is the Lush part essential? I can't afford that kinda luxury."

and Erin responded that normal talc powder would work as well as it sets the liquid talc.

Another user wrote: "These are the kind of life hacks I'm here for! THANK YOU."

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