My aunt gave me her 'ugly' wedding dress to wear – I ripped it apart & now she's refusing to come to my big day

A BRIDE who borrowed her aunt's 'ugly' wedding dress to wear for her own big day has revealed how her relative is no longer speaking to her, after she ripped it apart.

The woman, who is due to get married next year, decided to alter her aunt's wedding dress to make it more her style, but her decision to do so didn't go down well with her aunt, who demanded her dress back and is now refusing to attend the bride's big day.

Not only was the aunt annoyed, but the bride's family on her dad's side were also 'upset' with her over the alterations.

Turning to others for advice, the bride shared her story via Reddit, revealing: "I'm getting married in the spring. Me and my fiancé are both mid thirties. I knew exactly what I wanted in a dress.

"I love the mermaid cut where it flares out at the knee and I wanted to show cleavage and shoulders to keep it breezy at a potentially humid wedding."

She explained: "The women on both sides of my family wanted me to try on dresses of theirs just to see if I liked them. My Aunt on my dads side (60s) got married in the late seventies, early eighties and her dress was very of that time and hideous.

"I had no real intention of wearing any of the dresses presented to me, I went along with the heirloom fitting for fun and to appease family. Well, when my grandmother said that if I ended up wanting one of the dresses it would check the box for my 'something borrowed' I had an idea."

Taking her aunt's dress, the woman revealed she then enlisted the help of a seamstress to create her dream design using the old gown, in the hope of saving herself some money.

She continued: "I lied and said I liked my aunts dress and said I was considering wearing it for the wedding. My idea was I could take the already ugly dress from someone I am not the closest with to the seamstress and have her use it to make a dress to my exact specifications for cheaper than a new dress off the rack or making one completely from scratch."

The bride said: "I took it in and had it altered to closer to what I wanted. When my aunt told me to give her dress back if I wasn't going to wear it, I told her the truth and showed her what I had done.

"She lost her s*** saying I ruined her dress and I said I did her a favour by updating it and that I'd give it back since most of the fabric was originally hers. The seamstress used a lot of the bodice and lace for the dress but added chiffon and some other things."

Sharing her aunt's reaction, the bride revealed: "She demanded I give the dress back which I did, since it is her dress mostly but she also informed me that she will not be attending my wedding or speaking to me for the time being.

"I didn't really care we're not super close but my whole dad's side is upset with me over it."


Her post racked up hundreds of comments, with many people calling the bride out for going behind her aunt's back – arguing that it wasn't her dress to alter.

One person commented: "Now your aunt doesn't have what was probably a very cherished heirloom of hers, even if you thought it was ugly."

Another said: "You lied and had a secret plan to ruin a very special item to the person you felt least close with in order to "check the box" for "Something Borrowed" and to save a buck. News flash: Something Borrowed = Return it in its original condition. It's not yours!!!"

A third agreed: "Should have asked before altering her dress. That dress probably had sentimental value to her."

"You destroyed something that was important to your aunt because your petty, self serving desire to save money and still get what you want. You can’t actually be so blind as to not see what you did wrong," added another.

One more shared: "You destroyed something that was important to your aunt because your petty, self serving desire to save money and still get what you want. You can’t actually be so blind as to not see what you did wrong."

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