My clicker method means I never over-spend in Asda & I’ve even found out the exact time to nab the best bargains | The Sun

A SAVVY shopper has shared the genius "clicker method" she uses to ensure she doesn't overspend in the supermarket.

The woman –  who is "on a mission to enable others with the tools for financial independence" – explained that she uses a clicker counter when she does her food shop to keep her within her budget.

In a video on her She's on a Budget TikTok page, the single mum-of-three showed how she uses the clicker, as she began: "I've got my clicker and my shopping list.

"Come food shopping with me!"

She then got stuck in, spotting an oven glove that she needed for £5 and a pack of tea towels for £3, and clicked the counter to show that she'd already hit £8.

If she buys something that's £1.50, for example, she clicks the counter to show £2 – to make sure that she's over-estimating how much the shop will cost her, rather than under-estimating.

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She also said that after deciding Asda is her preferred supermarket at the moment, she's signed up for their Rewards programme, which means she will get money off and various other offers throughout the year.

In addition to that, she's figured out the best time to go to Asda to ensure she gets the best, freshest bargains.

"The best time to come shopping is 8am – all the fresh fruit and veg has been put out," she said.

"So yeah, this might be my new shopping time, guys!"

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Mooching round the supermarket, she grabbed everything she needed, including some crisps for her daughter.

However, despite initially picking up a box of 20 assorted packets of Walkers crisps for £4, because she got 50p off on the Rewards scheme, she then found that Asda's own were cheaper.

They were just £3.25 and included 24 packs, so she grabbed those and put the Walkers ones back.

"Just because it's a deal, doesn't mean it's a good deal guys!" she said.

At the end of the shop, she showed her receipt, detailing that her shopping had come to £83.29 – while her clicker had shown £87 due to her rounding up.

She also got £5 cash back as it was her first time shopping at Asda on their Rewards scheme.

And people in the comments section were quick to praise her clicker method, with one writing: "The clicker is such a good idea!

"Definitely investing in one!"

"I need one of those clickers," another insisted.

As a third wrote: "Genius idea… I’m stealing it!"

"Stealing the clicker idea, I get lost when using a calculator," someone else admitted.

Lots of people in the comments also questioned why she didn't use the Scan as you Shop scanners rather than a clicker.

"I’m not 100% sure why you use the ticker, but if it’s to track what you spend, why not just scan as you shop?" one asked.

As another added: "You can use the scan as you shop little scanners, it would be much easier for you xx

"Use scan as you shop?" a third suggested.

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But someone else argued: "Scan as you shop puts people out of a job, people."

To which the woman replied: "Facts".

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