My daughter was given a DETENTION by her school for not having a fully charged iPad | The Sun

KIDS can be given a detention for loads of different reasons, but most of the time they did something to end up there.

But that's not always the case, and this mum was furious when she discovered the petty reason that her daughter was given one.

She revealed that her daughter was given a detention for showing up to school with her iPad only charged to 93 percent, rather than the required 97 percent.

They wrote on twitter: "My daughter was issued a detention because her iPad, when she arrived at school, was 93%.

"The assistant head, who I’ve since emailed, has set the expectation that iPads be no lower than 97% or pupils will be punished.

"I’m flummoxed. Has anyone heard of such nonsense?"

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It turns out the baffled parent is a teacher too so really didn't understand the drastic rule.

The mum shared the email that they sent to the assistant head teacher, adding that she also emailed her daughter's tutor to say her daughter wouldn't be attending the detention until she got a response.

In the email she wrote: "Georgia's iPad being at 93% caused no issues in her learning and continued to work for the entirety of the day meaning her behaviour for learning was not affected.

"I do not want to be one of those parents who questions a school and their behaviour policy but I am struggling to understand the reasoning for such an archaic punishment when technically she has done nothing wrong here."

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The annoyed mum added: "Not having 100% battery is something that is ultimately out of the pupil's control unless the iPad is constantly on charge.

"You are inducing unnecessary fear into your pupils which, in my personal opinion, is no way to run a school.

Other parents were shocked by the harsh punishment for such a trivial thing, one said: "This is mental, honestly I'd be fuming."

A second wrote: "as an IT professional of over 20 years and a parent, not only is it completely unreasonable and logically flawed, but attempting to defend it is arguably worse."

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