My number one pro shower screen cleaning tip means ditching a popular hygiene product, it just builds up gunk over time | The Sun

A PROFESSIONAL cleaner has shared the main culprit for gunk build-up in your shower.

The TikToker revealed that a popular hygiene product can make it difficult to scrub your bathroom.

In her video, Elisha (@itidyhomes) explained: "People often ask me what would be my number one tip to keep their shower screens nice and clean between visits."

The cleaning fanatic told her followers that using a soap bar can cause gunk to build up in your shower.

She said: "I would definitely recommend steering clear of the good old soap bar.

"Yes, I know a few people are going to be devastated hearing this but it does no good for your showers."

In the comments section, she wrote: "They are the worst for showers not to mention your skin."

Elisha showed her audience examples of a grimy shower with a clouded screen.

"It just builds up over everything it touches from the floors to the walls to everywhere in between," she said.

As a preventative measure, Elisha recommended: "Opt for a body wash instead guys."

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Or if you are unwilling to part with your soap bar you can simply pop it in a soap container.

The cleaner joked: "Christmas gifts for all my clients [will be] soap containers."

"Always rinse excess shampoo and body products from the walls and screens before getting out, this will go a long way," Elisha advised.

She added: "If you want to get really fancy, you could also squeegee the glass."

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