Nasty trolls call me a fake traveller because I’m divorced & live in a house but I don’t care, I know it’s in my blood | The Sun

A GYPSY girl has hit back at cruel trolls who have called her a "fake traveller" because she lives in a house and has been divorced.

The woman, known only as 'cousin Suzy' on TikTok, regularly shares glimpses of her life in the traveller community online.

But most recently, she responded to a mean remark from a keyboard warrior which read: "We call you a fake traveller. Lives in a house, being married – you're a complete fail."

In a clip shared to TikTok (@cuzinsuzy92), she responds in the best way possible and says: "First off, that's not very nice comment and I'm going to be completely respectful because that's how I am."

She then begins by addressing the "fake traveller comment" and hits back: "You know I'm not, I know I'm not…everyone on here knows I'm not.

"Just call me what you like, it's cool. Whatever makes you sleep at night, babe!"



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Next up, she responds to the remark that living in a house means she's a "fake" traveller.

"Oh, you're telling me that all the traveller people and gypsy people that live in houses ain't real travellers and gypsies?" she says.


"I thought it was in your blood, where you come from, your family,
– not where you live and how you live in it.

"Bricks and mortar don't make you a gorger, living in a caravan doesn't make you a traveller…I thought that was common sense, clearly not!"

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Finally, she refers to the assumption that being married and getting a divorce means she's a complete "fail."

"What, so now getting married and getting divorced is a fail, is it?" she says.

"Hmm? No, it's called being sensible. It's called living your life. It's called doing what makes you happy.

"Get what I'm saying? You can call me all the bad things you like, you're one person.

"I have over 160,000 people on here that follow me, that love me. But regardless, if they do, they don't, it doesn't really matter – all that matters is I'm me, and I love me!"

It wasn't long before the post went viral, racking up thousands of views and hundreds of comments from social media users.

"I must be same then because I live in an house, and getting divorced was best thing I did I'm free," wrote one.

A second penned: "I live in a house? I’m a gypsy."

A third commented: "Me and my husband lived in a caravan for a long time we are neither gypsy nor traveller your 100% correct it’s your heritage that matters."

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Meanwhile, a fourth added: "People need to learn what you live in or the way you talk don’t make you a traveller – it’s in ya blood, you'reborn it."

And a further added: "I live in a house and I'm a romany – funny people!"

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