People are only just realizing you only need 1 of the 2 cords to open & close blinds – it’s blowing their minds | The Sun

WHEN a man realized there was an easier way to open and close his window blinds, he posted about his startling discovery online.

The clip received hundreds of comments from viewers who never realized there was an easier way to accomplish the everyday household task.

Content creator David Parody has over 5million followers across Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

When he posted about his epiphany, comments poured in from people around the world who were divided over whether David was a mad genius or totally ignorant.

He opened the TikTok with a brazen question: "Did everyone know this or am I just stupid?" he asked.

Pointing the camera at a set of standard-issue window blinds, David reached out to grab the cord that opens them.

He grabbed the frontmost section of the cord and gave it a tug.

"All my life, I thought this, you pulled to go up," he began. Pulling on it raised the blinds.

Then, he reached to the other cord, positioned at the back, and pulled it to lower the blinds. "And this one you go down," he continued.

Then, David reached back to the cord at the front. Yanking it up, then down, he showed that the front cord can raise or lower the blinds, depending on the direction it's pulled.

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"You can just do one side!" David exclaimed. "It does both. What?!"

Some commenters were truly amazed by his revelation and confessed they had no idea their window blinds were so easy to use.

"We’re all enrolled in the school of TikTok," a commenter wrote.

"OMG I just tried it. I’m shocked!" said another.

"Good lord…the things I learn on this damn app," a third person wrote in disbelief.

One commenter even said, "Nah you're a genius for figuring this out. I had no clue."

Others weren't so impressed by David's big "discovery."

"Wait, people don’t know this? asked a confused commenter. Others were more sarcastic, pointing out that, in David's case, the cord was looped around a pulley.

For that reason, the dual functionality of the cord should've been obvious, they argued.

"Breaking news," one commenter snarked," chain is one continuous chain."

"I thought everyone did the second option. I didn’t even know you could do the first," said another.

A third subset of commenters was mostly eager to give David more hot tips for his own home.

"I use one side and pull it like a rope. Right hand, left hand, right hand, left hand, all at the same time," a viewer confessed. "Much faster process that way."

If you want to test the trick on your own blinds, make sure you have a continuous-chain pulley cord like David's – and that it's installed correctly.

"It is only possible when strings are mounted to wall, not while hanging freely," a commenter noted.

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