People say I’m a bad mum for having OnlyFans – but I love being topless so why not make money off it?

A MUM has defended her OnlyFans account after being targeted by cruel trolls online.

Tori Ann Lyla Hunter, 27, from Adelaide, Australia, used to make just $27(£15) an hour working as a bartender, before starting her OnlyFans account in 2020.

While she's now raking in over $5000 (£2,788) a week, she's had to face a lot of trolls. 

Tori has spent $52,000 (£29,000) on surgical enhancements to improve her OnlyFans income and her husband Mat, 32, who works as an electronics engineer helps her to create her content.

Tori is also a mum to an eight-year-old son and six-month-old daughter and is sick of hearing negativity from trolls online. 

"I enjoy creating content and being topless, so why not profit from doing two things I love?" Tori told Jam Press.

"I now have more financial freedom and love being able to do whatever I want whenever I want with my family.

"The main backlash I hear is ‘imagine what your kids will think when they’re older’ or ‘they’ll be so embarrassed’.

"They are short, sharp comments in DMs – strangers don’t usually take time to write detailed explanations.

"If I took the time to explain myself to every single narrow-minded person I would have no hours left in the day."

Tori has 135,000 followers on Instagram – where she receives the harsh DMs criticising her choice of career and the potential impacts it may have on her children.

"But that is not a worry for me at all because I will not raise my children to be narrow, [or] simple-minded," she added.

"My baby is a baby, and my son is happy because the money buys him everything he wants.

"He also calls me beautiful every day and is proud every day when I get him from school – so I definitely don’t sense any embarrassment.

“I’m proud of myself for living my life my way and not conforming to the plain Jane 9-5 lifestyle.”

Tori insists her newfound freedom and flexible work-life means she can be a better mother – spending plenty of time with her children.

She said: “Most days it’s all about the kids but anytime I’m child-free for a few hours I find the time to film content.

“There is no minimum requirement and some weeks I don’t even touch the site, but other times I’m able to smash out a week's worth of content in a few hours."

But the mum admits it isn’t as easy as it looks.

She said: “Your subscribers expect daily content, 1-3 posts a day, as well as at least one paid video message, as well as the occasional freebie for long-term subscribers."

And the social media star is happy to remain working online for as long as it is profitable.

“I’m sure it will phase out like many apps and websites do,” she admits.

“I don’t like to plan too far ahead – the thought of knowing exactly where I’ll be in 5-10 years makes life predictable and boring.

“I’d much rather live each day as it comes.”

This article was originally published on Kidspot and has been republished here with permission.

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