Super-organised mum reveals how to remove creases from your bed sheets WITHOUT ironing them

A SUPER-organised mum has revealed how to speed up doing laundry and changing your bedding – by eliminating the need to iron your sheets. 

Chantel Mila, from Melbourne, shared three simple tips on TikTok, as she advised parents on how to ‘create the bedroom you deserve’. 

She wrote: “Three inexpensive ways to make your bedroom look and feel amazing.”

Ironing your bedding can take forever, particularly if you have a double or king, but the mum-of-two revealed you can skip this step if you simply spray your sheets as you pop them on the bed. 

Showing herself smoothing out a wrinkled white sheet, Chantel said: “Spray plain tap water as you tuck your sheets to remove wrinkles without ironing.”

Another tip to make your room inviting is to give your mattress a quick clean while you're changing the sheets. 

Chantel revealed she mixes essential oil and bicarbonate of soda, and then sprinkles in on her mattress. 

After leaving it for an hour, she vacuums it up using a hand-held attachment – leaving her with a fresh mattress and bedding. 

Her last tip is all to do with aesthetics, as whatever size room you have Chantel advised sticking with lighter shades.

“Opt for lighter linen, throws and cushions to make your room feel cosy and bright,” she said. 

Thousands of people have watched the clip, praising her stylish tips. 

One fan wrote: “I want this bed it’s like a hotel.”

Another said: “Oh I love this.”

While eager to learn more, a third asked: “How did you get the wrinkles out what did you spray.”

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