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IT’S often hard to convince yourself to tidy up after a full day of work or endless errands. 

But according to one septuagenarian, there’s a quick 10-minute routine that, if you complete it each night, will mean you always wake up a step ahead. 

Babs. who posts on TikTok as @BrunchWithBabs, describes herself as “everyone’s grandma”, sharing her simple life hacks and lessons with her huge 3.9 million following. 

In a recent clip, she told viewers: “Before you go to bed, do these three things and your life will never be the same.” 

Babs’s first handy tip is that every night, you should “make sure your sink is clear of all dirty dishes”. 

“You’re gonna feel the difference when you wake up,” the helpful homemaker promises. 

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“What a peaceful way to set the tone for the day.” 

Her second recommendation is that before bed, you should set your washing machine to a delayed-start cycle. 

“I set my delay cycle for eight hours,” Babs explains while demonstrating on her own appliance, “so I know at 5am my machine’s gonna start.” 

“I get up at 6am, clothes right into the dryer,” she explains. 

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“You’ll never forget wet, smelly clothes in your washer again, and your laundry routine will be under control.” 

Her final pointer is that each evening upon getting into bed, “write down your top three things you wanna accomplish the next day”. 

“All of us have to-do lists that are a mile long,” Babs levels with viewers. 

“Instead of lying awake all night, mulling over your schedule for the next day, you’re gonna get a good night’s sleep knowing your priorities are all set.” 

Complete the handy routine each night, the assuring grandma promises followers, “and your life will never be the same”. 

Users flocked to the comments to weigh in on Babs’s top tips, with one confirming that her regimen “deff [sic] makes a difference”. 

“What an angel you are,” another wrote. “I needed this.” 

But some weren’t quite so sure they’d have the stamina to carry out the tasks after a full day of work, with one joking: “I’m trying, but I’m practically in tears trying to exist by the end of the day.” 

If you’re looking for more nifty tricks to get ahead when it comes to looking after your home, take a look at this traveller’s advice. 



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She also swears by a 10-minute cleaning routine – this time completed in the morning – which she insists keeps her place looking spick and span. 

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