Watch Harry Styles's Leather Pants Split Open Mid-Concert

Harry Styles Ripped His Pants on Stage and Handled It Like a Pro

Harry Styles had quite the eventful concert on Jan. 26. While singing his hit “Music For a Sushi Restaurant” during a performance in Inglewood, CA, the Grammy award-winning musician’s leather pants split at the seam as he knelt down on one knee.

Wearing caramel-colored leather pants and a sequin T-shirt with an illustration of french fries, he handled the wardrobe malfunction like a pro. Videos captured by excited concertgoers showed Styles laughing and continuing his performance instantly after his pants ripped, covering the opening with one hand. Later in the show, he tied a rainbow flag from a fan around his waist to hide the tear.

Styles’s unbothered reaction isn’t surprising considering this isn’t the first time he’s had a fashion malfunction on stage. At a tour stop in Brazil back in December, the Pleasing founder was dancing to “Kiwi” when his sequined jumpsuit similarly split open near his legs. With or without style mishaps, Harry Styles ensures his concerts are anything but boring. He’s offered dating advice, been hit with a chicken nugget, and helped a fan come out to their mom during his gigs.

While the Gucci collaborator’s glam-rock street style is quirky, he takes his fashion to the next level for his onstage looks. He’s experimented with everything from sequin catsuits and fringe vests to fur coats and feather boas while performing his hits. In one particularly standout moment at Coachella in April 2022, Styles took the stage in a plunging, rainbow jumpsuit covered in multicolored, reflective sequins.

Get a closer look at Styles’s memorable concert moment ahead.

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