What you see first in paint pouring optical illusion says if you’re a perfectionist or are naive to people’s bad sides | The Sun

A NEW optical illusion has been created that lifts the lid on what type of person you are.

Depending on what you see first when you glance at the image above the video of paint pouring, you’ll be able to determine whether you’re a perfectionist, or someone who is naive to seeing people’s bad sides. 

As the clip plays out in the background and an image appears, a voice over explains that there are several different images that can capture the eye – and everyone’s will vary.

The TikTok account, @rroseart, which is run by artist Rose, then asks their 260,000 plus followers in the caption: “What do you see?!”

The first option is that you can see a pair of lips. According to the voiceover, this means “you always take things the way they are and judge them by their true value.”

They continue: “You don’t try to change or decipher things around, and you understand their true meaning. 

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However, others may see trees, which means that “you are sometimes a perfectionist, but you always look for the best in any situation.” 

While, spotting roots first can signal that you “always look for a person’s best qualities but sometimes that might hinder your inability to see the negative about them.”

People who see roots sprouting are also described as having a “heart of gold.” 

The personality test follows the research of Hermann Rorschach, a Swiss psychiatrist who used inkblots to try to find out more about “the unconscious parts of the subject's personality.”

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It seems to have done the trick, as many social media users flocked to the comment section of the video to say they had seen different images to one another. 

One wrote: “I saw the roots and it was dead on.” A second said: “It;s so accurate that I got lips.”

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While others suggested they’d originally seen one image, but went on to be able to see all three eventually. 

Rose, who runs the account who posted the optical illusion, later revealed she’d spotted lips first. 

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