Woman, 28, fell pregnant with triplets despite taking the Pill every day – and will raise them as a single mum

A WOMAN has shared how she fell pregnant with TRIPLETS despite dedicatedly taking the Pill “every day”.

Amy Maxey, 28, from Northamptonshire, said she was shocked when she fell pregnant, and then was even more surprised when she found out there were three babies. 

The triplets will be Amy’s first children, and she is already concerned how she will afford childcare for them.

Amy works at AutoGlass BodyRepair and lives with her sister – and said the triplets’ dad is not involved to help.

Amy told Femail that she takes the Pill “in the morning every day, as soon as I opened my eyes”.

Speaking of when she learned she was having triplets, Amy said: “The first lady said there were two [babies] and she has to get another nurse to come in and check and then that one said there were three.

“I don't know how to describe it. I was literally like, ‘what the hell, that's mad’. 

“Obviously I was worried at the same time but yeah, just very shocked. That's the only thing I can describe it as.”

Amy was warned that there was a danger one of the triplets may not survive, as it is unusual for all three to make it to the 12-week mark. 

However, all three babies were thankfully looking healthy when it came to the scan.

She is hoping to return to work at least three days a week when her little ones arrive.

Her step-mum has said she will help look after the babies when she is at work, as she doesn’t think she’ll be able to afford childcare for all three. 

Two of the triplets are identical, and Amy hopes to call them Ocean and Harlow.

Meanwhile, the third baby, who is non-identical, will be named Ivy-Gray.

Amy has been getting a scan every two weeks to check the babies are healthy, and said they are doing really well for triplets at that stage. 

She continued: “The next two weeks are pretty critical because by 28 weeks they could come pretty much any time so it's like looking after myself now and just making sure I get as much rest as possible.”

The mum-to-be said she has been told that the best outcome is the babies arrive between 32 and 34 weeks of pregnancy.

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