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A FASHION influencer has been left stumped after receiving a 'no dress code' wedding invitation.

Lydia Millen is well known for her impeccable 'old-money' style on social media, but many urged her not to go with her dress choice for the big day.

"I need your help, I'm attending a wedding and I cannot decide what to wear," she begun.

"The invitation had no dress code but apparently the bride wants us all to dress as if it was any normal wedding," she added.

The fashion pro first picked out an Oscar de la Renta dress that she was gifted.

The floor length pale blue dress had a flared skirt and was decorate with a bold pink and green floral print.


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Lydia paired the stunning dress with a mini Lady Dior bag in pink and added: "Genuinely I feel amazing in this dress, and I would love to wear it.

"But the only thing is I just feel like it's not going to fit the venue and I might look a little bit overdressed in comparison to everyone else."

Next, Lydia tried on another white floor-length dress, this time covered in a green floral pattern which she paired with a mini Hermès Kelly in brown.

The influencer revealed she knew this dress had already sparked controversy for being too white to wear to a wedding.

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"This is the dress that I really wanted to wear but it divided the internet, for obvious reasons," she said.

"Obviously when attending a wedding, you can't wear a white dress, but for me this is not a white dress.

"This is a white and green dress."

Lydia continued: "Some people said that I should message the bride and ask her

"I just don't want to bother the bride on her special day with something as irrelevant as what I'm wearing.

"I just can't imagine it mattering to her at all but let me know what you think in the comments."

Lydia then went on to try two more outfits, a long green patterned dress and a white top and navy long skirt.

Still stumped on what to wear, the fashion pro asked viewers to leave their thoughts in the comments.

And people didn't hold back and flooded the TikTok video posted to her account @lydiamillen.

Many advised Lydia to ask the bride about wearing white to make sure she was okay with it.

One person wrote: "I personally go by the rule: if you describe the dress “it’s a white dress with…” then it’s too white for a wedding."

Another commented: "As a bride of 2023, I loved that a friend of mine cared so much to ask me if the dress was okay to wear. It’s better to ask, than to just go ahead."

"2 of 4 options had a major white component – stop wearing white to weddings! It’s the one rule," penned a third.

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Meanwhile a fourth said: "I’d think the first two are too white. First thing that came to mind is they’re white dresses with floral. Go with #4!"

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