Woman shows off bizarre tongue trick and completely grosses people out

LOTS of people have different talents, but a viral TikTok trend saw people showing off the extraordinary things they can do with their bodies.

Kara Lane took this opportunity to show off an extremely unusual talent of hers – and it involves her tongue.

Kara, @karalane90 on TikTok, says she’s only met one other person who can also do the trick.

She says: “It’s my favourite party trick because every time I do it people’s reactions just crack me up.

“It’s literally more entertaining for me than it is for them.”

Kara warns that her trick does usually gross others out and apologises to anyone who might feel uneasy.

The tension builds as Kara prepares herself, saying: “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

So what is Kara’s trick?

Kara can move her whole tongue to completely cover the opening of her throat.

People were horrified by Kara’s unusual talent, as they flocked to the comments to share their shock.

One person commented: “Am I the only one who thought ‘what if it gets stuck’??!”

Another said: “Me, choking, trying to do the same.”

The video has been viewed over a million times and liked over 77,000 times.

However, it wasn’t just TikTok who were disturbed by Kara’s trick.

In another video, she shows the talent off to her family and friends whilst out at a restaurant.

She films their reactions are exactly what you’d expect.

One becomes physically repulsed by it, gasping as she has to cover her face.

She says: “Can you do it one more time?”

Another laughs: “It’s hideous.”

Kara proudly shows the rest of the table, who are as equally freaked out by her talent.

Kara's weird talent is definitely one people won't forget.

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