Woman warns others about a huge Air Fryer 'fault' after attempting to make a ham and cheese bagel in hers | The Sun

A WOMAN has warned others about one of the biggest Air Fryer faults after suffering an epic fail when she tried to make a ham and cheese bagel in hers.

Keisha took to TikTok to share a video explaining how the disaster occurred, as she showed the bagel – one side covered in melted cheese and the other bare.

She then turned the camera to show the fan part of the device, underneath which was an entire slice of ham.

"Can someone explain to me what the f**k has happened to my ham?" she wrote over the video.

"Ninja fan stole my ham," Keisha added in the caption.

The comments section was quickly flooded with people admitting they'd had similar experiences with their own Air Fryers.

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"Did your fuse blow?" one person asked.

"Because I’ve blown three fuses with mine – gave up and threw it out." 

"The cheese always ends up flying off my pizza," another said.

To which Keisha replied: "I absolutely love it for cooking… only noticed the ham up top because it was smoking."

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"The ham really went above and beyond," a third joked.

As someone else explained: "Because air fryers use air, which are fans.

"It got a current under the ham and sent it skyward and it got stuck to the element."

"OMG how is it in there so perfectly lol?" another laughed.

While someone else wrote: "This happens to my quesadillas, but it caught on fire two different times."

Others revealed the ingenious method they've adopted to stop that from happening.

"I use toothpicks," one wrote.

As another added: "I’ve started to use toothpicks – break it in half and push into the bagel.

"Keeps it all together."

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"That’s why you use toothpicks on sandwiches in the Air Fryer my dude," a third commented.

With Keisha replying: "Thank you, I shall do this in the future!"

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