Your sleeping routine is probably making you look older… and it's REALLY bad news if you snooze on your side

YOU may slap on the SPF and keep yourself hydrated but still have tired and dowdy looking skin.

But did you know that some small changes to your bedtime routine could make all the difference?

Experts have shared the mistakes that we all make that cause us to have more breakouts, more wrinkles and dull looking skin.

Here are the top tips that could give you that elusive morning glow.

Wash your pillow case more regularly

You can't see the bacteria lurking on your pillow case, but you better believe it's there.

The sweat, make-up, hair products, creams and dead skin all build up and then you lie your face against them every night.

Research shows that more than 350,000 live colonies of bacteria can be on one pillow and a third of your pillow could be dead skin cells.

So changing and washing that pillow more could help you beat the breakouts.

Upgrade your pillow case

There's no shortage of A-lister who voucher for a silk pillow case over a bog standard cotton one.

The luxury material is pricey, but offers a smooth surface so there'll be less pulling on your skin and therefore fewer wrinkles.

But the benefits don't end there, silk won't absorb your natural oils leaving them where they should be – on your skin.

Mel Gravel-Barnes at Croma Pharma, said: "Cotton pillowcases absorb the moisture from your skin.

"To combat that, you should consider using a silk pillowcase and making sure that hydration is a priority in your skincare routine."

Get more sleep

In order to feel and look fresh – you need to get a decent amount of sleep.

Dr. Martin Kinsella, a cosmetic doctor from Re-Enhance Clinic said: "As we sleep, our cells regenerate to repair damage and keep our skin looking healthy and glowing.

"If you don't get enough sleep (or you're living on broken sleep) your body cannot repair itself properly. In turn, this can slow your collagen production, making your skin appear thinner and less plump. This also makes dark circles become more prominent."

Stop sleeping on your side

Your sleeping position could be affecting your skin more than you realise.

The experts revealed that sleeping on your side can encourage wrinkles on the side of your face that you tend to lie on.

Lou Sommereux, Clinical Director at Cosmex Clinic said: "I suggest sleeping on your back. Not only does the lack of friction mean fewer wrinkles, but it also stops the skin from feeling the pressure from your skin folding against the pillow. Pro-tip, prop your head up with an extra pillow to ensure no fluids build-up, this will prevent those pesky puffy eyes."

Stop slapping on the night cream

This one may sound counter intuitive, but it does make sense.

Poor circulation can lead to creases so piling on the face cream and leaving it on your face isn't the answer to healthy looking skin.

Instead add a two minute facial massage, where you gently rub your face in circular movements, to your routine using a moisturiser or oil.

Finally you can stimulate blood flow by tapping the area around your eyes and cheekbones.

Lou said: 'Unlike the A-listers, we don't have a facialist on speed-dial, but we can give ourselves a simple, yet effective massage every day to help kick start our circulation and keep the skin in tip-top condition."

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