You’ve been cleaning your toilet all wrong – the right way means you won’t be rubbing gunk all over it

CLEANING a bathroom can be messy and frankly, pretty gross.

Most of us dread tackling this one room because we know about all the dirt that collects inside of it.

One woman said she has the trick to cleaning your toilet without having to grip a filthy wet rag.

Jamie Michelle, who goes by @byjamiemichelle on TikTok, is known for her cleaning advice, DIY hacks, and home decor tips.

In a recent video, she shared her all-time favorite cleaning hack, and it takes place in the bathroom.

“Swiffer your toilet before you go in with a liquid cleaner,” she said, while passing a Swiffer duster all around the toilet edges and crevices.

“This way you get all that hair and dust before you start rubbing it around with a wet rag.”

She said that although she used to hate cleaning the toilet because of the collection of muck that would appear on her rag, this hack changed that.

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The trick can be used on other bathroom surfaces as well—like the countertop or sink.

When it comes to the bathtub, another TikToker said she has the key to a spotless shine.

A woman named Morgan said that after trying “everything” to remove stubborn stains from her bathtub, she took the advice of her best friend’s mom: clean the bathtub with Lysol toilet bowl cleaner.

Since learning of this tip, she’s never looked back. 

“Literally I just run this s*** all over the tub, all along the edges,” she explained.

“Then, take a tub scrub brush and spread it evenly.”

She warned viewers not to use a sponge to rub in the Lysol cleaner, as it can chemically burn their hands. 

“I messed up the first time and learned it the hard way,” she recalled.

Once the Lysol has been scrubbed all over the bathtub, the TikToker said to simply rinse it away.

“Voila we have a clean tub,” Morgan concluded. 

While many were impressed with the advice, others warned people against the hack.

“Do not do it a lot! It will eat away at the plumbing,” one person warned in the video’s comment section.

Another wrote, “PSA: Do not do this if you have a paint kit finish on your tub.

“It will ruin it after a while. I learned the hard way.”

In a reply to another person who expressed that the tip will “ruin” your bathtub, Morgan noted that after seeing so many similar comments, it seems like the trick will only work on certain bathtubs. 

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