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GAS BARBECUES are a summer must-have and offer to finely control your cooking, with a consistent flame that ensures your food is cooked inside and out.

If you're looking for ease and convenience over the traditional charcoal barbie, then this could be just the one for you as we've rounded up the best gas barbecues on the market.

There are many gas barbecues on the market that come in all shapes, sizes and models. These come with the classic two-burner, four-burner, or even six-burner units.

Burner output is always measured in KW, so when you've picked your perfect barbecue, always be wary of how much gas you have left well before the day of your smoking party.

While you can pick up charcoal from your local off licence, for gas barbies you’ll need to pick up a refill from your local DIY outlet when you need it; A 5kg bottle will last around 15 cook-outs.

Setting up a gas BBQ requires following the detailed instructions, and although you can set it up on your own it is recommended to get someone to help you as a two-person job, as propane can be lethal and it is much safer with someone else helping. Some in our round-up offer to build for around £40 extra.

What do I need to know before buying a gas barbecue?

With the warm summer days arriving, it’s time to make sure you're ready to impress your friends and relatives with some alfresco cooking.

Investing in a good barbecue can be just the ticket, with prices ranging from around £20 to more than £4,000, depending on the size of your chosen grill, and the number of features it boasts and the quality of construction.

Gas machines tend to be more pricey but it’s the best option for hassle-free outdoor cooking while they also last longer.

If you plan on becoming a barbie regular, then it’s worth investing a bit more in a model that will last you longer and comes with a lengthier warranty.

A standard grill is the most basic and widely available type of gas barbecue. It will have a grill only but it’s good enough for chargrilling typical barbecue products including meat, kebabs and veggies.

They will usually have two to four burners, although some models have as many as six- a good option if you have a large family or are having a very large celebration!

Some models also have a griddle or hot plate in addition to a standard grill. According to consumer group Which?, this feature is great for searing steaks and frying lean cuts of meat, steak or vegetables. You can even use it to fry eggs.

Other gas barbecues come with a dual fuel griddle which gives an extra smoky taste just like charcoal barbeques.

How much should I spend on a barbecue?

There’s usually a big price difference between options from well-known brands and barbecues available at supermarket and DIY stores.

Although price is not always an indicator of quality, products from popular brands tend to be more robust and built-in with better quality material, according to Which?.

Budget-friendly models are usually more cheaply made and less durable, so if you're planning on using your barbecue regularly it's worth spending a bit more.

Check our selection of the best gas barbecues on the market now. Let’s get cooking.

Where to buy a barbecue?

Gas BBQs are in high-demand right now, so you have to shop around a bit to find what you want in stock.

We've listed a few retailers below for some inspiration.

  • Amazon
  • Homebase
  • Argos
  • B&Q
  • John Lewis
  • Wayfair

1. Argos Home Premium 4 Burner Gas BBQ and Side Burner

  • Argos Home 4 Burner Gas BBQ & Side Burner, £120, Argos – buy here

This Argos Home 4 Burner Gas BBQ is the perfect option if you're looking for a quality high street pick.

There's enough space for bigger groups as the four-burner BBQ features a porcelain cooking grill, a side burner for smaller dishes and a warming rack to stop food from going cold.

There's also a condiment rack and a bottom shelf for handy storage.

Outdoor cooks can use both propane and butane gas and it comes with a regulator for propane gas pre-installed (if you want to use butane gas, you'll have to change this to a certified butane regulator).

2.Symple Stuff 65cm Grill

  • Symple Stuff , £249.99 at Wayfair – buy here

This Symple Stuff 65cm Grill features an electric touch button for control fired by 5.4 BTU gas. With a ceramic body and porcelain enamelled kettle and barbecue grid, it's the perfect starter barbeque if you want something space-efficient.

It has one grill and although small is a mighty barbeque. You get a temperature gauge to ensure you're cooking at the right heat and keep everything ticking over inside. The wheels also make it very handy to move from place to place.

3. Argos Home Deluxe 3 Burner Outdoor Kitchen Gas BBQ

  • Deluxe 3 Burner Outdoor Kitchen Gas BBQ, £225 from Argos – buy here

Not only does it look the part with chic stainless steel outer, but this three-burner gas barbecue is also fairly affordable.

It may be one of the best gas barbecue balancing acts of functionality and design we've seen too, with neat storage included.

At £225, the Home Deluxe 3 Burner comes flat-packed but also packed with features for the price. 

As a propane only model it comes with gas hose and regulator included, and has four wheels for ease of moving it about.

It also features a thermometer, drip tray, warming rack, and one side burner.

4. CosmoGrill 4+1 Gas Burner Garden Grill BBQ

  • CosmoGrill 4+1 Gas Burner Garden Grill BBQ, £359.99 at Amazon – buy here

The more you pay, the more you tend to get with barbecues – so next up is this four-burner option.

CosmoGrill offers plenty of options for barbecue buyers, and this fits at the mid-range with a no-nonsense style about it.

There are four main burners and one side-burner, to use as a griddle option, plus thermometer and individual burner ignitions.

The main feature though is the large cooking space provided by this grill – a smart choice if you have a larger family or want a very big party to be a real soiree!

5. Char-Broil All Star 125 Gas Barbecue Grill

  • Char-Broil All star 125 Gas Barbecue Grill, £479.99 at Littlewoods – buy here

With a striking design, the Char-Broil All Star 125 is a gas barbecue designed to produce juicier food and use less gas.

It isn't a huge barbecue, but it is interesting. It makes use of a TRU infrared cooking system to evenly dissipate heat across its grill.

Users claim the results are excellent, so if you have got a flexible budget (for cooking for one or two people) it could be the best gas barbecue for you.

Formed with a cast aluminium lid and firebox, the All Star claims to negate heat flare-ups. You can even detach it from its stand for portability.

6. Everdure Barbecue by Heston Blumenthal

  • Everdure by Heston Blumenthal, £650 from BBQ World– buy here

The notorious chef has created a minimalist and solid-gas BBQ that does the job while looking very good.

The premium-build barbie has two high-performance burners with sensitive variable heat control allowing you to take charge.

Its high hood is ideal for convection cooking and the large cooking area means your food will be evenly cooked and delicious

A perfect fusion of form and function, you don’t need to be a culinary genius to know this is a great deal.

7. Weber Genesis II E-310 GBS BBQ

  • Weber Genesis II E-310 GBS, £934 from B&Q – buy here

The smaller brother to the E-610, the Weber delivers stand-out grilling performance from its three performance-engineered burners.

Totally redesigned for 2019, the superb build quality is backed with a 10-year guarantee.

8. Weber Genesis II E-610 BBQ

  • Weber Genesis II E-610, £2999.99 from WOW BBQ – buy here

Six burners all firing at once will grill enough meat for the biggest family – or football team, cooking for up to 11 people at one time.

An innovative grease management system tackles the curse of the outdoor cook – the dreaded grease, keeping your precious grill clean and fresh.

9. Weber Q1000 Gas Barbecue

  • Weber Q1000 Grey 1 burner Gas Barbecue, £293, B&Q – buy here

This Weber Q 1000 Gas Barbecue is the perfect portable barbeque.

Whether you're looking to take it out and about on picnics or to the beach, or if you are just short on space, the Q1000 is perfect for creating a quick and tasty meal.

10.Weber Spirit II E220 Black 2 burner Gas Barbecue

  • Weber Spirit II E220 Black 2 burner Gas Barbecue, £524 at B&Q – buy here

Do you like the look of the Q1000 from Weber, but want a little bit more cooking space?

Luckily enough, Weber has released a Spirit II E220 model which offers exactly the same great quality- but with more room.

At 51 x 46 cm, you get additional room to cook for up to 8 people, so you'll be able to cook up a real feast for all!

The Spirit II is also that bit heavier and bulkier, making it a barbecue with a higher price tag for a longer investment.

What gas do you use for a BBQ?

The gas used for barbecues is usually propane. Most modern gas barbecues use it although butane may be an option if the correct gas regulator is available. Check before you buy.

Propane is better suited to year-round use (especially during colder weather) and many barbecues come with a propane regulator.

Butane has its own positives, especially if you’re only going to be cooking during warmer weather as butane won’t flow during colder conditions.

Butane is slightly cheaper, is considered more environmentally friendly and by some to be more efficient when burning in warm weather.

For expert advice on which gas to choose and availability, check with specialists like B&Q or Calor.

Where to buy gas for a BBQ

You can buy barbecue gas from a range of online or local stockists.

Like barbecues themselves, gas bottles may be stocked by garden centres or registered outlets like B&Q stores.

Alternatively, you may order online directly from Calor, or suppliers like Flogas, London Gases or Adams Gas, but availability will depend on whether you want a refill or new bottle.

If you’re new to purchasing gas for a barbecue, make sure to get as much advice as possible before you buy.

How much is BBQ gas?

Gas bottles can vary in price depending on whether you buy a refill or new bottle, and whether you want to opt for butane or propane.

A 5-6kg propane gas refill will usually cost around £30, while a new bottle can cost in the region of £60.

Where available, a 7kg butane refill will cost around £30.

How to clean a gas BBQ

Gas barbecues are best cleaned after every use, to prevent build-ups of grime and food remains.

But, given you’ll likely want to enjoy the fruits of your labour when just cooked, it’s a good idea to set aside time to do it later or the day after use. First refer to any cleaning instructions which come with your barbecue for best maintenance.

A wire brush, a bucket of hot soapy water and some protective gloves are your allies. Remove any loose debris before you get to work.

It may be easier to clean off grime when the barbecue is slightly heated too, so turning on the barbecue to ‘high’ for a very short while beforehand may help.

But ensure the barbecue is off, disconnected and you are wearing protective, gloves before cleaning.

If the grills and any drip pans are removable, soaking these to ease cleaning may help before brushing down, rinsing and drying.

The wire brush may also help you clean the interior of your gas barbecue, including the hood, while wiping down the outside can usually be done with soapy water and a cloth.

Specialist barbecue cleaning products are available but check they are suitable before you use them.

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