10 Celebrities Who Have Absurd Rooms In Their Houses

Most of us dream of what we might do with a million dollars but celebrities have earned the chance to put those dreams into action. Perhaps that’s why fans flock to see celebrity homes and all that it entails, including luxury furniture, closets the size of your average home and unique collections that many envy.

With garage’s large enough to hold dozens of classic cars and pool’s that are Olympic sized, there have even been numerous television shows featuring the mega-rich homes and vacation spots celebrities often enjoy.

Stelrad, a heating specialist from the UK, did some research and delved deeper into this topic. According to a study carried out by them, here is a list of just a few absurd rooms in celebrity homes today.

10 John Travolta – Two Airplane Runways

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He’s the star of Saturday Night Fever and Grease but the 68-year-old actor is also an aviation enthusiast. Travolta has two runways leading to the front door of his home in Ocala, FL and he has served as a Qantas ambassador since 2002. According to Page Six, Travolta recently celebrated receiving his 737 license in addition to the 747 and 707 licenses he’s already earned. He owns at least seven planes, including a Boeing 707, Bombardier Challenger 601, Boeing 727 and three Gulfstream jets.

9 Paris Hilton – Dog Mansion

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Fans know how much Hilton adores her dogs, but these four-legged family members are living a posh life. Hilton purchased a $325,000 McMansion built just for her dogs, according to Goliath. The home is an exact replica of her own mansion and is located in her garden, overlooking the pool. The doghouse has two floors, heating, air conditioning and even a chandelier.

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8 Leonardo DiCaprio – Well-Being Amenities

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Ever the eco-friendly activist, DiCaprio walks the walk when it comes to his own home amenities. In his two-bedroom Manhattan apartment, the Departed star features vitamin C-infused showers, a circulated aromatherapy air supply, purified air and water, posture-supportive heat reflexology flooring, dawn simulation lighting, juicing station and circadian lighting design.

7 Bill Gates – Trampoline Room

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The Microsoft founder lives in what he has dubbed Xanadu 2.0, a complex worth more than $127 million in Medina, WA. Of course, the property features a 60-foot pool, stocked stream of salmon and trout and all the technology gadgets a person could need, but Gates also included a trampoline room with high ceilings and colorful décor for his children.

6 Lady Gaga – Bowling Alley

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According to House Digest, the “Bad Romance” singer isn’t opposed to a little fun and games. Only visible from a hidden passageway leading from the living room of her Malibu mansion, can visitors access the two-lane bowling alley, complete with colorful bowling balls.

5 Drake – King-Size Mattress

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It’s not uncommon for mom and dad to have a king size mattress in their master bedroom, however, Canadian rapper, Drake took things to the next level. He reportedly spent $400,000 on a Grand Vividus, designed by Swedish company Hastens. The bed is handmade, taking a team of four people approximately 600 hours to make. Here’s to hoping Drake gets a good night’s rest.

4 Oprah Winfrey – Wine Mine

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The media mogul has numerous homes (8 according to the last count) but possibly her most memorable feature is located in her Telluride, CO ski home she purchased for $14 million. The wine mine is underground and spans 56 feet long, housing 1,600 bottles of the rare vintage beverage. What’s more, the space actually looks like a mining tunnel, including an antique cart, sounds of creaking wood and dripping water piped in.

3 Arnold Schwarzenegger – Military Tank

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The former Governor of California and Terminator star was trained on the tank while serving in the Austrian Army. In 1991, he paid 20,000 to have the tank shipped to his California home and the 50-ton machine became a way to keep kids in school. Schwarzenegger invited disadvantaged or at-risk youth to check out the tank during a series of after-school programs and those that stayed in school, got to drive the tank. Still today, the former body builder uses the massive vehicle to earn funds supporting youth education.

2 George Lucas – Fire Truck and Staff

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In the late 1970’s Lucas began building Skywalker Ranch, home to his employees, workspace and production business. In an effort to protect his uber-successful business and $100 million ranch, Lucas formed a fire brigade, employing 12 firefighters, complete with firetrucks. According to The Things, in 2013, a fire broke out at Skywalker Ranch and all was saved due to Lucas’ foresight. He’s even sent his crew to aid in local Marin County fires and various California wildfires.

1 Shaquille O’Neal – Huge Bed

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Is O’Neal spending extravagantly or is his larger-than-life purchases actually necessary? The NBA star purchased a bed measuring 15 x 30 feet to accommodate his 7’1” frame. Customized to feature a Superman logo, Shaq’s bed takes up one fifth of a full tennis court. While the large bed is understandable, Shaq also reportedly has a life-sized statue of Superman in his home.

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