2022 horoscope: Expert unveils what’s in store for each star sign – love, money and career

Horoscopes: Expert offers advice to This Morning callers

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The New Year brings fresh opportunities, possibilities and perspective. For anyone looking forward and wondering what 2022 has in store regarding their star sign, Express.co.uk spoke exclusively to Spiritual Expert and Psychic Reader at Psychic Sofa, Angie. Here is each zodiac’s sign horoscope overview for the next 365 days. 

Aquarius (January, 20 – February, 18)


You like to move in ebb and flows, and 2022 is no different. If you’ve been feeling that something isn’t quite right and if you’re unsure about your relationship – consider why you feel this way, have a chat with your partner about these concerns and see if you can find some common ground. 

Maintaining good relationships throughout all areas of your life is key until you know your next move.


Finances won’t be as steady for Aquarius’ as they have been in previous years, so they must be careful how they spend their money. 

However, the months of July to October will bring an abundance of wealth, so be sure to save for a rainy day.


Take a step back and consider all of your options before making any rash decisions. 

The right astrological moment hasn’t quite yet arrived, so it would be best to play it cool. If your issue is to do with your job, consider picking up some freelance work for some extra cash.

Pisces (February, 19 – March, 20)


Be patient, Pisces, because a new love is on the way.

The middle section of the year is likely to be full of surprises and a time where a new and exciting connection will find its way into your life. 

Pisces already in relationships will continue to enjoy another romantic year with their partner.


If money has been tight recently, then finding a new source of income should be a top priority in 2022. 

If you’ve been considering a sound investment or have a talent you can turn into a new revenue stream, this could be worth pursuing.


Your Pisces star sign is stating that your efforts and dedication are sure to bring forth fantastic results, so keep working hard in your new and exciting ventures. 

Your hard working and meticulous nature will be vital in building your career in 2022.

Aries (March, 21 – April, 19)


2022 is going to be an exciting year for Aries. 

Our psychic readers predict that between April and September, you’ll meet someone very special, who will change your life in a multitude of ways and potentially shake your very belief system to its core. 


Aries may have to put in some extra effort when it comes to earning and saving money. 

Be especially careful towards the end of the year when Saturn is in its 8th house as this is a time of uncertainty and upheaval, so don’t rush into any big investment too soon.


A change of career is on the cards for you, Aries, and by being more open to new experiences, you may find yourself in unexpected situations that could lead to something greater than you ever imagined. 

Go down that path if it feels right, because a ram always knows how to find their way. 

Taurus (April, 20 – May, 20)


Taurus will be lucky in love in 2022. 

Those in relationships will see an improvement in communication and will build stronger connections, while those searching for romance are likely to find it during the middle of the year due to the conjunction of Jupiter with Venus.


Taurus are the luckiest of the zodiacs, which means that money is likely to come their way through chance. 

A promotion and salary increase on the cards during the month of April.


2022 will prove a positive year for a Taurus who works hard and is looking for a step up in their academic or professional lives.

You’ll learn new skills and put them into practice so beautifully that no-one would ever guess you only learnt them yesterday, and the year will shine a light on your knowledge and expertise. 

Gemini (May, 21 – June, 20)


You’re strong and independent and have been too focused on enjoying your busy life to make time for a relationship. However, remember to be open minded when it comes to finding love. 

Being grounded will also make you approachable, and therefore important new love interests may enter your life because of it.


2022 will bring mixed results for the Gemini, with the start of the year seeing a sudden rise in income, which should be spent on long term investments and asset building ventures that will bring in money towards the end of the year. 

However, be careful with expenditure in the middle of the year and avoid splashing out with your higher level of income.


Your capabilities are always something to be admired, and 2022 is the year to hone your skills and use them to achieve those goals you may have been putting off pre-pandemic. 

But as we climb higher and achieve success, we must remember that being humble and grateful to those who helped us along the way is key.


Cancer (June, 21 – July, 22)


The latter half of 2022 will breathe new life into your love life, and you’re encouraged to feel the breeze and relish in its beauty. Marriage may even be on the cards for Cancers who are dating.


Cancer’s will have steady income in 2022 and will reap the rewards of all their hard work in the previous year. 

However, this will also be a year of spending so be careful to keep within your budget.


Your career means a lot to you, but remember to not let anything get in the way of your happiness. 

A promotion or growth in your business is on the cards, which will help with your expenditure this year.

Leo (July, 23 – August, 22)


For the Leo star sign, 2022 is about finding balance in both your work life and personal life, and ensuring that you make the right choices when it comes to both. 

Spend time focusing and nurturing romantic relationships and you will reap the rewards in your love life.


Wealth is on it’s way to you, Leo. 

There could be some tough decisions to make, but ultimately, the rewards will be worth it for a more lucrative future.


Leos who learn to better delegate will ensure that they don’t take all that additional work pressure on themselves. 

Burnout is a real issue for all Zodiac signs, and at the end of the day, your colleagues, family and friends want you to be happy.

Virgo (August, 23 – September, 22)


The Virgo personality comprises a great sense of humour and the sweet enthusiasm of an innocent child. 

Due to this, you may become a popular face within your social circle, and you’ll find that at work and in your love life, many are drawn to you. 

You may also find that your partner is becoming more adventurous because they want to show you the same enthusiasm. 


Virgo will deal with heavy financial pressure in 2022 due to the presence of Jupiter in Aries so it is important to spend wisely and not waste too much effort on unstable ventures, such as lotteries and gambling.


A change in career is not on the cards for you this year. 

Keep working hard in a career that you enjoy and you will see the results. 

Special projects will be thrown your way at work to nurture and celebrate your adventurous and hardworking nature.

Libra (September, 23 – October, 22)


2022 is the year of opportunity for the Libra, and finding love is no exception. 

Some Libras in relationships may venture out, while some may make extra effort to keep the romance alive. 

For Libras who are searching for their soulmate, remember your worth in order to attract the right partner.


Hard work is the key to success when it comes to prosperity and earning money. 

Avoid making big investments or selling assets, as these decisions may not be as fruitful as they initially seem. 


You may have found anxiety levels rising the past year, especially when it comes to social situations. 

In 2022, find the courage to deal with your anxiety and look for varied ways to lessen any stress in order to grow in your career and strengthen working relationships.

Scorpio (October, 23 – November, 21)


2022 is a year of transition and time to break old habits that have kept you in the same place. 

By letting go of certain relationships, you are making space for new connections and a new chance for love to blossom.


Money will be steady this year with no big increases or dips in your income. However, be honest and own up to mistakes in the workplace. 

Your superiors will have continued faith in you, with a greater chance of a promotion and possible raise this year.


You may be at the top of your game when it comes to your profession, but the Scorpio horoscope suggests that 2022 is not the time to overestimate your abilities or boast about past successes to further your career. 

Otherwise, you could be left dealing with the mess. 

No matter how talented anyone is, you always have the opportunity to learn more, hone your skills and be open to other points of view. 

Sagittarius (November, 22 – December, 21)


The sagittarius personality has always been drawn to adventure and new experiences, and 2022 will be no exception. 

Your fun-loving and generous nature will lead you to meet someone along the way who excites you, mentally, physically and spiritually, and you may just attract that next great love too.


The beginning of the year will be prosperous and is a good time to start saving money. 

Be extra cautious when making financial decisions, especially when it comes to lending money.


Sagittarius’ love new challenges, and so a change of career is on the cards for you.

2022 will be a year filled with travel, so finding a job that allows you to be flexible with your schedule will be beneficial for your busy lifestyle.

Capricorn (December, 22 – January, 19)


2022 is full of the number two, and for Capricorn, this year is all about second chances.

If you’ve been putting off finding a new relationship because you’re worried about making the same mistakes that you made in your most recent one, then learn lessons from that, consider what you could have done differently and take small steps to find your true love.


Capricorns must get a better hold on their finances their year in order to live a happy and stress free life. 

With Jupiter in the third house of Aries throughout April, this will be a period of wealth, so be sure to spend and save wisely.

Seek financial advice if you continue to struggle with money in 2022.


2021 was a tricky year for your career. Perhaps you didn’t get that promotion you wanted, and feel as if you’ve let yourself and others down. 

However, it’s time to give yourself a little more slack and be prepared to jump at new opportunities in work, with confidence in your ability. 

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