9 Best Halloween Costumes For Kids 2021 | The Sun UK

OCTOBER 31st is easily the best day of the year when you're a child – and that's before you've even gotten to the candy.

The best Halloween costumes give children the chance to don fancy dress – sometimes a couple of different outfits, for school, parties and more – and just enjoy themselves.

This year, Halloween is finally back to its party-self, so it's time to really dress to impress… or should we say scare.

Whether your little one wants to go all out with a head-to-toe look, or they simply want to splash on some fake blood, you should consider the options.

In the UK, the most popular – and failsafe – Halloween costumes for kids tend to fall into the category of ‘creepy’.

The good news with many is that they can be reused for other fancy dress occasions like World Book Day and kids’ birthday parties.

Think witches, skeletons, vampires, bats, devils, black cats, creepy clowns, pumpkins, anyone from Harry Potter… although we can’t fault your kid for wanting to look like their favourite superhero character.

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