92yo shares her favourite beauty product that keeps her looking young

92-year-old share her skin-care 'secret' to looking young

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92-year-old Joan Woodhouse frequently appears on TikTok sharing videos of herself, often showcasing her incredible physique and youthful outfits. In a recent video, Joan was asked about her “secrets” to staying young and she said it was all thanks to a tub of Nivea body lotion. 

@Joansumner1930 was asked: “You look amazing, I can’t believe it!! What is your secret??” 

She replied in a video: “My secret’s Nivea because I’ve used it for 70-odd years. 

“When I think about it now, I used to have a hot bath, get out of the bath, dry myself, and then while my body was still hot, I would put the cream on – it was the soft cream in those days, it was harder. So I had to warm it first to make it soft. 

“But since the soft stuff came out, it’s wonderful, you could do that for your body every time you have a bath or shower. Get your body warm, and spread it all over, and you’ll look beautiful when you’re my age.” 

Nivea’s Soft Moisturising Cream is suitable for the face, hands and body. It is available in a 75ml squeezy tube for £2, or a 200ml tub for £5.49. 

It is “highly effective” at “revitalising [and] moisturising” the skin. 

The official product description explains how the “light formula” is made with “Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil” that “is quickly absorbed” into the skin. 

It’s “ideal for anyone who prefers a low-maintenance approach to skincare, or someone looking to save space amongst their beauty supplies” as it can be used across the whole body. For “best results” use daily. 

It has been given a 4.7 out of five-star rating at Boots online with 146 out of 150 reviewers recommending the product. 

A customer wrote: “The best! Forget about all your expensive potions !! This product does everything and more. An honest quality cream and no extortionate price!” 

Another commented: “I’ve been using this for years and I can’t tell you how much I love it, it’s amazing, dry or oily skin, this is the best, the formula is amazing. I use this every morning and it gives me radiant glow and makes me feel fresh. And sometimes on my body and its make my body soft.”

A third chimed: “I have been using this product for 10+ years. It is very thick and creamy. At night I put a thick layer on and in the morning.” 

@joansumner1930 Grandma Joan definitely gets better with time ☺️#dance #duetme #youngerthanilook #grandmasoftiktok ♬ original sound – San

Another way Joan keeps young is by not following diets, she simply eats what she wants to keep her figure. 

She said: “I don’t follow any silly diets – I just eat what I want and what makes me happy.

“I just love English food – especially hearty pub grub. I do have more salads now I’m in Spain because it can be so hot, but I’ll never not have my pies.

“Age is just a number, I keep young by staying positive and eating what I want. It works for me.” 

The grandmother also revealed her favourite food is a meat pie, which she usually eats on a Sunday.

Joan also “loves life” and advises everyone to enjoy every moment. She added: “I love wearing a bikini and going to the beach with my granddaughter.

“I think that must be my secret to my young looks that and I just love life and have never had the mindset of being old.”

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