American mocked for ‘drying out kettle’ after making a cuppa

It is a known fact that Brits love to drink tea.

Popping on the kettle is a massive part of the day-to-day life of a Brit so it is no surprise that brew based etiquette can often rile them up.

So when this one American got the hands on the much loved appliance, all hell broke loose over on Reddit.

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After spending some time with his brother-in-law from the US, this Brit could not quite believe what he had done to the kettle.

No, they didn't put the tea bags in to boil with the water like this American once did (that was rather controversial).

The brother-in-law decided to 'dry out' his kettle – and Brits were absolutely horrified for a number of reasons.

Posting to the Casual UK subreddit, the Brit shared a photo of the black appliance placed on a drying rack with its lid off.

They explained: "My American brother-in-law drying his kettle…"

Baffled as to why they would 'dry out' the appliance needed for an hourly tea fix, people fled to the comments to share their horror at the 'abnormal' behaviour.

One person commented: "You clean the outside by rubbing it with a towel, the inside never dries because you use it every four hours without fail.

"Even in the middle of the night I walk downstairs to give it a quick boil just for that familiar and comforting sound it helps me nod back off again."

Another user jibed: "They're not normal are they…"

While a third fretted: "This is the wrongest thing I've ever seen."

Someone else mocked: "Does he also hang his washing machine outside to dry?"

Meanwhile, a fifth chuckled: "This is f***ing funny as I’ve never heard of such a thing.

"Tell him not to forget to dry the tea bags out as well while he’s there."


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