An Expert Shares How to Keep Your Kid’s Scalp Dandruff-Free This Cold-Weather Season

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A quality hair care routine is just as essential for your kids as it is for you, so it’s not a bad idea to teach them how to maintain healthy hair early on. Best part is, it doesn’t even have to be complicated! Basic yet effective shampoos and conditioners are suitable enough for your child’s hair needs. But if you’re noticing white flakes taking over their scalp, you may need a more specific treatment to fight dandruff. Don’t worry though, as dandruff is a common scalp condition that can happen at any time. We spoke to an expert about the reasons why people get dandruff and how to treat it.

Despite popular belief, having a dry scalp isn’t the only factor behind why kids and adults get dandruff. As certified skin specialist, Dr. Harikiran Chekuri explains, “It’s caused by an overgrowth of yeast on the scalp, which can be triggered by stress, hormones, or other factors.”

If you’re looking for ways to treat and prevent dandruff in kids, it’s important to wash your child’s hair regularly to help remove dead skin cells. According to Dr. Chekuri, you’ll want to look for shampoos and conditioners specifically made for dandruff. You’ll know because they usually contain zinc pyrithione or salicylic acid.

“These ingredients help reduce the growth of yeast and prevent flaking,” Dr. Chekuri says. Additionally, make sure that these anti-dandruff products are formulated with natural ingredients like tea tree oil that “soothes an itchy scalp and reduces inflammation.” You want to avoid any harsh formulas that are meant more for adults.

Of course, maintaining a healthy diet helps your child’s condition too. As Dr. Chekuri says, “foods rich in Vitamin B and Omega-3 fatty acids like fish can help reduce dandruff symptoms.”

We totally understand that dandruff can be embarrassing for your child at first. Luckily, we’ve found anti-dandruff products for kids that will stop the itching and flaking. These choices are safe and affordable, while also being gentle at soothing their scalp. Take a look at some recommendations for kids that are effective at fighting against dandruff.



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