Bride threatens to call off wedding as groom relaxes with beer before nuptials

A make-up artist has lifted the lid on some of the wildest experiences she's ever come across before a wedding.

MUA Rachel Watson recalled the time she was helping a bride get ready, before she threatened to call the whole thing off.

The day was going smoothly until one of the groomsmen popped in to say hi and see how everyone was doing.

And the bride had to know what her future husband was doing ahead of the ceremony, so that's when things went downhill.

The groomsmen told her he was fine and just "relaxing while having a beer".

Posting a clip on TikTok, Rachel, known as @rwatson615, said: "That was 1,000% the worst thing he could have told her."

Rachel added: "She was fuming, so she just takes her phone, calls him, and goes off about him drinking.

"Just going OFF and apparently he had her on speaker so the groomsmen heard everything.

"As guys do, they made a joke about him not being allowed to hear and she heard that.

"Then she proceeds to tell the groom that all the groomsmen need to apologise for mocking her, or this wedding's not happening."

Although the groom apologises on their behalf, the bride is still raging.

In the clip, Rachel then plays a recording of the bride screaming at her husband-to-be after telling him to come outside.

It goes on for a long time, but in the end the couple go on to tie the knot after all.

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