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WE'RE starting the run up to Christmas, which means Quality Street tubs are a huge seller for most supermarkets.

As shoppers rush to get their hands on one, it's a good idea to know where to head for the cheapest price – and where to avoid.

As shoppers bag advent calendars and Christmas hampers in the transition to winter, a sweet treat is also in order to start the celebrations.

Just yesterday it was announced Quality Street will axe its iconic brightly-coloured wrappers over 86 years since their release.

In a bid to become more environmentally-friendly, they will be wrapped in a duller form of waxed paper, which is recyclable.

But that doesn't mean they won't be a festive favourite this year – it just helps to know where sells them for cheap.


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As always, remember to check elsewhere in case we missed a cheaper price – there's never a bad time to catch a bargain.

Prices may vary day to day as well depending on what deals are on, so make sure you check, and look at delivery costs too if you're ordering online.

There's a handy comparison site – – which compares the prices of 130,000 products across 14 major supermarkets.

The Latest Deals app also lets you search items and lets you compare prices at several supermarkets to see where it's cheaper.

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Otherwise, let's get into prices.


Tesco is selling 600g Quality Street tubs for £4 – this is not a special deal or Clubcard price.

It's also selling same-sized tubs of Roses and Heroes and a 650g box of Celebrations for the same price.

In previous years, the supermarket had loyalty deals allowing two boxes for the price of £7 – it's not currently on but was earlier in the year.

This is sometimes reintroduced closer to Christmas though, so keep your eyes peeled just in case.

You can find your nearest Tesco here.


Aldi is selling its 600g tubs for £3.99 – but these are unfortunately sold out online, so you might not be able to get one this week.

It is currently selling 382g Quality Street pouches for £3.49 – but that's quite expensive considering it's priced at 91p per 100g, but sells a 650g Celebrations tub for 61p per 100g.

Meanwhile, Tesco sells a 435g pouch for £3.50.

But keep a look out for Aldi Specialbuy deals – there might be more in the coming weeks as we crawl closer to Christmas.

Find your nearest Aldi here.


On the pricier side, Sainsbury's has its 600g tubs on sale for £5 – not on offer.

And rather than making a deal, it's also put the larger 871g Quality Street tin up by 50p – from £7.50 to £8.

It has a 240g box in stock for £3, but it might be more worthwhile visiting other supermarkets.

Still, if you want to browse, you can search for your closest store here.


Morrisons has its 600g tub on shelves for £4.99 – a better offer than its 382g pouch that’s £4.

However, the tub is currently out of stock online so you might be better stopping off in store if you want one.

You can search for your nearest one here.

It's only deal is the 220g cartons that are £2, down from £3, so the tub is still the better offer.


The 600g tub at Asda is priced at £4, but for those with loyalty cards, you can claim £1 cashback on your purchase.

That makes it £3 – the cheapest box for those on the reward scheme.

The 'Asda Rewards' loyalty scheme was introduced nationwide last month and means shoppers around the UK can earn Asda vouchers to get them money off their grocery bill.

You'll need to download the app and have an account first, then you can earn cash rewards known as Asda Pounds when shopping in store and online.

You'll just need to scan the barcode on the app at the checkout. If you're shopping online, just make sure you're logged into your account, and then browse as normal.

To find your nearest one, you can search on this handy store locator tool.


B&M sells a 450g tub which costs £3 – so it may be a cheap buy but you don't get as much.

This is not on offer – just the usual price.

Also, the smaller 370g bag is £3 too, so you definitely need to scout around first to make sure you're getting your money's worth.

Find your nearest store here if you want to browse.


It costs £5 to bag a 600g box of Quality Street from Iceland, which remains the same as the normal price.

However, the 382g bags have gone down from £3.50 to £3, which is £1 cheaper than Morrisons.

And there are other deals too, like on the smaller 220g boxes, which are £2.50 each or three for £5. This could be useful if you're multi-buying for gifts or just stocking up.

You can check where your nearest Iceland is here.

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