Consider 'Emily in Paris' Stars Lily Collins and Ashley Park Your New Style Shepherds

On the hit Netflix series Emily in Paris, the wardrobe is basically a character of its own. That’s why we just had to have the stars of the show, Lily Collins and Ashley Park, share their fashion thoughts on our series Drip or Drop.

I love how these ladies felt so strongly about everything we presented to them. There was simply no indifference to be found through this entire episode. Ashley also took the whole “Drip or Drop” assignment to mean “what are the best clothing items to wear while on the run,” so you’ll want to watch to see how that interpretation played out.

Trend-wise, we hit them with some controversial subjects. Sock with sandals, lobster claw heels, prairie dresses, the like. Watch to see what they deemed worthy, and which trends Lily and Ashley say can see their way out. Also, be sure to check out season 2 of Emily in Paris out on Netflix now!

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