Dr Pimple Popper makes viewers squirm as never-ending cyst keeps squirting pus

A stomach-churning video by Dr Pimple Popper, real name Sandra Lee MD, has left people feeling sick but unable to tear their eyes away.

In the TikTok clip, uploaded on her official @drpimplepopper account on July 3, a never-ending stream of pus is unleashed from a "deep" cyst.

The cyst appears to be on a man's stomach and Dr Lee, wearing gloves, gives it a gentle squeeze so the first huge dollops of yellow fluid come oozing out.

She wipes it away with tissue and then squeezes again, with more gunk bursting forth.

The medic then appears to be locked in a non-stop cycle of squeezing and wiping as the surprisingly deep cyst continues to release torrents of pus.

Eventually, blood starts to be mixed in the pus and it seems like she is getting near the end.

Dr Lee uploaded the clip with the song How Deep Is Your Love by Calvin Harris and Disciples and joked in the caption: "How deep is this cyst? And your love for this cyst?"

The video was watched more than 3 million times and her viewers were conflicted by how gross and strangely addictive they found it.

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One user wrote: "Every time you thought it was done more kept coming out."

"Honestly, this one almost made me lose my dinner," said a second.

A third wrote: "God I feel so physically sick watching these but I can't stop."

"Does anyone else want to throw up but also can't look away from it?" asked someone else.

Another user confessed: "Omg my husband told me I need to talk to a counselor cause of the fact I love watching this."

This comes after Dr Lee left viewers feeling faint as she filmed grey fluid bursting out of a cyst she admitted had a foul smell.

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