Girlfriend wants sex from behind and I'm scared she'll leave me if I say no

DEAR DEIDRE: MY girlfriend keeps on demanding sex from behind –  and I don’t mean vaginal sex.

But I really don’t want to and think it’s disgusting.

I’m 35, she’s 30 and we have been together for a year.

She first suggested it a few months ago and I put her off.

But now she hints she’d like to do it whenever we make love. I know many guys wouldn’t think this a problem but I see it as immoral and unsanitary.

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Call me prudish, but the idea is a total turn-off.

I love my girlfriend and don’t want to disappoint her but this issue is now coming between us.

I fear she’s bored with our sex life and will leave me if I keep saying no.

DEIDRE SAYS: Please don’t feel pressured. Nobody should be forced into doing anything sexual just to please someone else.

It isn’t being prudish to dislike the idea, it’s just your personal taste and individual choice.

See my support pack Standing Up For Yourself to help you talk to your girlfriend about your feelings, without causing a row.

And there are plenty of other ways to freshen up your sex life, so I’m sending you another support pack on how to spice things up in the bedroom.

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